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Organic Farming

Organic or ecological farming has, as a principal objective, the cultivation in a manner that maintains a live and healthy atmosphere by using organic waste and obtaining nutrients from such waste for the farming process. The idea is to reuse as many materials as possible and improve production in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly manner free of contamination. Organic standards generally prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms, animal cloning, synthetic plagues, synthetic fertilizers, sewage, synthetic drugs, processed ingredients, and other non-natural elements.

Certified farms should not use products or prohibited practices for at least three years before an organic harvest. Cattle should be raised organically and fed using foods that are 100% natural. Canadian regulations, for example, include principles and best practices that include:


  •       The protection of the environment and minimizing the degeneration of soil and farmland. Reduction of erosion, diminishment of contamination, and the optimization of biological productivity.
  •       Maintaining long-term fertile soil optimized by the biological activity within the soil.
  •       Recycling the maximum amount of materials and resources.
  •       Maintaining a biologically diverse ecosystem.
  •       Providing herds with a high level of attention that creates good health and satisfaction.
  •       Preparing organic products, emphasizing the meticulous processes and manipulation methods with the objective of maintaining organic integrity and vital product quality in all phases of production.

The use of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides has a negative effect on the environment where soil and land are contaminated. Therefore, the avoidance of these chemicals allows for an ecosystem to circumvent alteration and maintain biodiversity. As an example of the high and negative impact that chemicals have on the environment and the ecosystem, one simply needs to look at the high mortality rate of bees. The impact is significant as bees are natural pollinators and have a direct influence on crops. Additionally, within the practices of maintaining fertile soil and lands is the rotation of crops, which is important to avoid damaging the land and losing vital nutrients. Organic production also positively influences the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases as the process helps retain carbon dioxide in the soil.

However, the production of organic foods is more expensive and has a lower yield. First, the selection of seeds is slower than using transgenic versions. This part is of vital importance because the seed is the central element in farming. Farmers can obtain seeds from reputable distributors, such as commercial seed suppliers in Australia, that guarantee a high-quality product. Another reason that organic farming is more expensive is that crops are more vulnerable to plagues and weeds. The vulnerability causes a reduction in yield. The non-use of preservatives or additives in organic crops also makes the crop more vulnerable to environmental contamination. Furthermore, demand is lower, overall production costs are higher, the post-harvest costs are higher, and the marketing and distribution chain is more inefficient because of lower quantities.

Regardless of higher costs, all types of products and crops that use this type of process are seen worldwide. Such products include cereals, meats, fruits, vegetables, flowers, baby food, soups, sauces, corn, wool, and cosmetics, among many others. Over 170 countries possess processes for this type of agriculture. In 2016, over 43 million hectares of land were cultivated for organic products worldwide. However, many differences exist within the development and treatment of the lands and production standards for organic farming between continents and countries. The regions with the most land designated for organic farming are Oceania, with 27.3 million hectares, and Europe, with 13.5 million hectares. Latin America has 7.1 million hectares, followed by Asia with 4.9. Lastly, North America and Africa come in with 3.1 million and 1.8 million hectares respectively.

Such hectares will increase as more individuals begin creating organic gardens in their properties. This movement has gained traction in the last decade as individuals want to know the origins of what they put in their bodies. People are beginning to move to places with larger spaces to perform this type of activity.Regardless of the geographical location, anyone can join the organic movement by demanding organic products or harvesting their own ingredients. Even the smallest garden will positively influence the environment.

Better, Brighter You 101: How To Become A More Productive, Positive Person

Once people realize that they are designed to become progressively better and brighter in all areas of life, it’s time for them to develop strategies that will keep them on track to becoming more productive and positive. Below you’ll find just three of many strategies that you can implement to realize this objective:

1. Cultivate More Self-Knowledge Through Meditation.

One of the best ways to become a better, brighter person is by cultivating more self-knowledge. This approach is effective because it increases the individual’s awareness of her or his faults, strengths, primary sources of irritation, normative cognitive states, etc. Through the cultivation and development of a strong meditation process, you can become more aware of all these things while simultaneously training your mind to think in positive, creative ways that are conducive to personal growth. Note that many people have discovered that some if not most of what goes on in their thought life is really not conducive to their identity, personal values, goals, etc. If you attain this understanding by sitting alone in silence, you can begin to turn your mental life around by practicing a form of meditation called the mantra. The mantra will involve you silently repeating phrases or words that affirm you in some substantive, significant way. Examples would include “Love and light” or “I’m alive.” The meditation process will help you discover who you are so that you will become more proficient with the work of implementing changes that cause you to become a better person.

2. Commit To Exercise.

In addition to cultivating more self-knowledge through meditation, make sure that you develop a deep commitment to exercising regularly. Regular exercise is immensely important if you are working on becoming a better person because the physical activity boosts immunity, enhances self-esteem, and improves self-efficacy with the completion of activities such as picking objects off the floor, lifting heavy bags of groceries, and walking for an extended period of time. Exercise is also known to enhance concentration, and this factor can help you operate more productively in the professional world. There are many ways that you can get the process of exercising consistently off to a great start. One of them is by finding a local gym that offers a wide range of fitness classes that you find exciting, rewarding, or appealing in some significant way that would cause you to do them regularly.

Note that consistently eating nutrient-packed foods will play a key role in helping you get and remain healthy. There are now numerous websites featuring delicious, nutritious recipes that you can use to ensure that you have the energy necessary to exercise effectively. Companies such as FreshJaz also offer a grilling spices gift set and other products that can enhance your cooking/eating experiences!

3. Read Regularly.

If you’re serious about becoming a better, brighter person, make sure that you become a regular reader. There are so many incredible benefits to reading that not committing to this practice seems insane. In addition to enhancing your critical thinking capacities and expanding your vocabulary, reading regularly will empower you to move beyond your lens of interpreting the world by ensuring that you’re constantly acquiring new information about all types of things. Note that there’s no “wrong” or “right” way to get your reading journey off to a great start. Some people find it fun and advantageous to be a part of a book club that enables them to discuss the literature they’re reading. Other individuals gravitate towards reading extensively in one specific subject area (self-help, psychology, business, etc.) so that they feel they’ve attained a somewhat exhaustive understanding of that field.


Three techniques that you can implement to become a better, brighter person include cultivating more self-knowledge through meditation, committing to exercise, and reading regularly. Utilize one, two, or all three of these techniques to remain on track to making your life an increasingly progressive, positive, and productive entity!

Foods of North Carolina

There are a lot of good reasons to visit a state like North Carolina. For one thing, the weather in a Southern state like North Carolina is typically warm and sunny. Winters can get cold, sure, but there’s very little snow. In Charlotte, the state’s biggest city, the average annual snowfall is less than 4 inches. There are Northern states that can easily beat that total in a couple of hours. North Carolina also has plenty of great, relaxing beaches to visit. But even if you don’t like beaches and don’t mind snow, there’s one other big reason to visit North Carolina, and that’s the exquisite Southern cuisine found all over the state.

Meats, Sweets, and More

The Tar Heel State has foods that can satisfy both your sweet and savory taste buds. Dunkin’ Donuts dominates the Northeast corridor, and the West Coast loves Starbucks, but in the South, Krispy Kreme donuts are the first and best option. Krispy Kreme opened its first location in Old Salem, North Carolina, so visitors shouldn’t have any trouble finding fresh-glazed donuts when they’re traveling through the state. Just make sure to get there early, since there’s often a line, and there’s nothing quite like donuts that are hot off the conveyor belt. If you’d prefer something with a little less sugar, you can go for some grits, but know that grits work best when they’re absolutely slathered with butter. Southern food is delicious, but it’s rarely mistaken for health food.

Once you’ve got breakfast out of the way, it’s time to consider having barbecue for lunch or dinner (or both). The kind of barbecue you can get will depend in large part on what part of North Carolina you’re in. There are two major types of North Carolina barbecue: Lexington-style and Eastern-style. Eastern-style barbecue is more common in the, well, eastern part of the state. The barbecue sauce is made with vinegar, and the meat can come from several parts of the pig. Lexington-style is sometimes referred to as Western-style barbecue because it’s more common in Western North Carolina. It has vinegar in the sauce, but it also includes ketchup or tomatoes. It’s got a sweeter taste than the vinegar-only stuff, and it’s also typically made only with pork shoulder. There are some definite differences, but experts say the two sauce styles have more in common than, for example, the sauces in Kansas City or Memphis. So if you’re not sure which style to pick, why not try both? It may require a bit more travel, but your mouth will thank you later. Whatever you pick, make sure to wash it down with a big glass of sweet tea.

North Carolina On a Diet

Of course, not everyone who visits the South can afford to go crazy every meal. Some people can chug Cheerwine and inhale barbecue until they step on their return flight, but other people have dietary restrictions. If you’re allergic to tomatoes, you need to make absolutely sure that you aren’t going to eat barbecue sauce with any kind of tomato product in it. If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, you may want to splurge a little without feeling like have to start from scratch once you return home.

This is where your smartphone will be a lifesaver. You can use your phone to look up restaurants and, in many cases, find detailed menus online. If you can’t find the information you need, then give the restaurant a call and ask because texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina. Using hands-free adapters, which can be found at multiple AT&T Stores in North Carolina, can also be helpful.  

Miami Is A Cultural Tossed Salad

If you think of America as a melting pot, then Miami is a tossed salad.

The term “American culture” is hard to define, and that’s because the culture was built by so many different peoples from all over the world. While we generally have English and Hollywood and baseball as common cultural bonds, America’s culture is really more defined by the individual trying to define it. You can go almost anywhere in America and find Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Asian restaurants, and good old-fashioned American hamburger joints. (more…)

Don’t Taste A State, Taste A Commonwealth

There are regions of the United States, and even some states, that have their own dialects in language, and their own tastes in food.  Oh sure, you can take a summer vacation and experience all the unique sights in a state or city, but sometimes you don’t really experience a part of the country until you taste some of the food. (more…)

How A Life Coach Can Help You Lose Weight

Going out with your friends to eat delicious foods can be a great way to celebrate and enjoy life. But there does come a day when one must be honest with themselves and ask the tough question: “Am I eating to live or living to eat?”


22 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Challenging Yourself On A Daily Basis

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Finding the Right Diet For You

If you live in America, you’ve seen it: The note on nutrition labels that states “Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.” But what does it mean? It means that the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, needed some way to express average calorie consumption, and it decided going low was better than going high. The FDA was going to list 2,350 calories as “average,” but rounded down for a few reasons. America’s not the only country that settled on that number, as Australians are used to seeing a benchmark of 8,7000 kilojoules, which equals 2,000 calories. In reality, though, 2,000 calories is not a magic number. We have to take into account factors like our age, height, weight, and the amount of exercise we get. Only then can we come up with a diet plan that makes sense.


8 Health Tricks You Should Try

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Rehabilitation Center in Glenwood Springs Helps Mothers

Momenta is a rehabilitation treatment facility that recently opened in Glenwood Springs, CO, offering mental health and substance abuse service to inpatients and outpatients.

Momenta was founded by Mandy Owensby, who has been in recovery nearly six years. As a mother, Owensby wanted to create a program that specifically helped both women and mothers after her own difficulties finding programs that would accept her with her children. (more…)