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What do Doctors Prescribe for Hair Loss?

Everybody loses hair, however, if the thinning of hair or a bald patch is observed, the person might be experiencing hair loss. There are numerous treatments related to hair loss, but doctors often prescribe finasteride because it is FDA approved. Finasteride is an oral prescription recommended for men,  but sometimes doctors use this medication for women. The risk of taking the drugs for women is really high, pregnant women or women who are of childbearing age are not supposed to take or touch the drug for fear of birth defects for their unborn child/ren.


Finasteride is a medication that should be used by male adults only. The medication works by reducing the amount of a natural body hormone (DHT). By decreasing the DHT, there is an increased hair growth and slower hair loss.

This medication is often taken once daily, or as prescribed by the doctor. To maintain a booming hair growth, the drug should be taken continuously; otherwise,  a stop in the dosage might cause any hair gain to be lost within 12months.

However, for men who are above 60, finasteride might not work well for them.


There are lots of ads in the magazines and various commercials on the radio promoting either one hair loss treatment or the other, but the  truth is, most of them do not have any positive effect on hair loss. If the medication is not FDA approved, do not waste your money on its purchase.

Propecia is a brand name for the generic finasteride. Originally, in 1992 propecia was developed and approved to treat enlarged prostate glands; but during the course of trial of this drug on men, something interesting was discovered – hair growth. In 1997, a 1mg dose of  propecia was approved by FDA for the male pattern baldness treatment in men. Historically, propecia is the only drug that has effectively treated male pattern baldness in most men who use it.

Studies shows that the 60% reduction in the DHT level stops the progression of hair loss in about 86% men who takes this medication during their clinical trials and about 65% of male participants who are on trial shows a fairly large increase in hair growth.

Finasteride’s ability to subdue the 5-alpha-reductase which is the enzyme that converts testosterone into  a more powerful androgenic dihydrotestosterone (DHT), contributes to its success at hair regrowth.

In addition, about 83% of men who uses finasteride keeps their hair.  Finasteride induces a drop in the blood level of DHT. Propecia’s treatment slows hair loss and after continuous use for six months, about 30% improvement is gained on hair loss problems.

The use of propecia leads to a decrease in the DHT levels in the scalp and serum. Propecia is more effective on the vertex, nevertheless,it is also effective in every area of the scalp.

In furtherance, before you take propecia it is relevant to note some important points:  do not take propecia if you have an allergy to any of its components listed at the end of the leaflet; do not take the medication if it has expired- it wouldn’t have any positive effect; and do not take the medication if there are signs of tampering.

Finally, before you take propecia, inform your doctor – if you have an allergy to any particular food or substance or if you are taking other medications, and more importantly, let him/her know if you have a medical condition.


Finasteride tablets for hair loss are an effective way to put a stop to male pattern baldness. Over the years it has gained its reputation and is approved by the FDA. Studies shows that about 80% of men who uses this drug have their original hair follicles and about 64% men actually shows a considerable amount of hair regrowth after constant use for over two years.

There is rarely any negative side effect,  Dr. Bordone says “overall I have no less than 300 men on this medication, and in the last few years have not heard a single patient tell me he is discontinuing the medication due to side effects.”

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Eating Out for the Holidays

During the holiday season, many different opportunities to spend time with family and friends occur. While festive interactions bring the majority of people great happiness, making the required preparations and the process of cleaning up afterward can seriously detract from that joy.

Eating out at a restaurant or buffet can make things much easier. Not having to cook the meal or clean up after everyone means that enjoying a meal together becomes much easier for everyone. There are other benefits to this, of course, but there are also a few drawbacks that you might want to keep in mind.

It’s true that everyone can choose their own meal, drink, and dessert, but splitting the bill can pose some complications. Does everyone contribute to a temporary fund and everyone pay out of that? What if the fund doesn’t cover everything ordered? Is everyone expected to contribute equally or only as much as he or she can afford? Should the wait staff get the rest as a tip? What if the rest is not sufficient for the tip? These are things that you need to think about and decide on before venturing out.

Keeping in mind that nobody needs to commit hours to cook anything, realizing that favorite traditional foods might not be on the menu can quell disappointment. If a particular element is missing, how much will its absence detract from a person’s overall enjoyment and satisfaction? Those with food allergies already know how difficult eating out can become at times, so this aspect also needs some consideration.

Children and their needs also need to come into play when making reservations. Nap times can clash with a restaurant’s atmosphere, and others might want to interact with younger children. Colds and flu can also create a situation many parents want to avoid. Older children can often feed themselves or even grab their own items at a buffet out of the hot food display, but younger children should have more supervision. Recruiting teens to help can eliminate accidents by helping parents of younger children by entertaining toddlers or loading plates with food.

Each establishment is going to have its own particular set of additional benefits and drawbacks. Wherever you and your family decide to enjoy the holidays together, remember that it is the festivities that are important. Who paid the most or had the best-behaved child are unimportant and trivial. Coming together to spend time with each other is always more important.

Detox Diets and a healthy lifestyle

Detox is short for detoxification and refers to the natural process of removing toxins and neutralizing harmful substances from the human body. Toxins include compounds such as lactic acid, ammonia, and homocysteine which are waste products from regular cell activity and can potentially harm body tissue. Other chemicals from the environment and the food we consume can also do harm to the human body.

Accumulation of certain compounds can lead to other consequences that adversely affect general health. The liver, skin, blood, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic systems are the organs that work together towards breaking down harmful toxins into simpler ones which the body can excrete and eliminate.

It is a common misconception to associate detox treatment with only substances that are addictive such as alcohol and drugs. Depriving the body of potentially toxic substances and following a strict diet can also be called detox as it cleanses and removes toxins from the body, giving it a fresh start.  Such diets can help reduce weight as well as let the skin gain a natural glow.

What a detox diet does

There are different types of detox diets filled with different food options. However, they all follow the same basic sets of principles.

  • Reduce or minimize the chemical ingestion by the body by increasing organic foods.
  • Emphasize on foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and protein to provide the body with all the necessary components it requires for a healthy digestion and proper functioning.
  • The content of the particular diet depends on the region of origin along with seasonal produce. Some diets involve the consumption of only juices while some diets restrict food to only fresh fruits and vegetables.

Increase in fiber rich foods not only helps increase the healthy bacteria in the stomach but also increases the bowel motility and prevents constipation. However, during the diet, the frequency of bowel movements as well as urination tends to increase as the body goes into a natural cleansing mode.

Why do you require a detox diet?

In the day to day life of any city dweller, he undergoes constant exposure to various types of chemicals. One of the major agents of propagation of chemicals happens to be air. It can carry harmful fumes, heavy metal traces and various other toxins that can impair the bodily functions.

The water consumed undergoes chemical treatment in order to be free of germs and hence can contain traces of chemicals harmful to the body as well. The same can be said for coffee and tea leaves which are constantly exposed to insecticides and pesticides during their growth period.

Such chemicals can be found everywhere, including your toothpaste and your shampoo. Modern day lifestyle diseases such as stress and anxiety only add up to the need for detoxification as well. Detox diets are for anyone who wishes to feel healthier and fresher.

Cautions to take before a detox diet

A detox diet involves depriving your body of certain foods and consumption of a large amount of water. If you are planning a detox diet, it is necessary that you do some research and find a diet that suits your tastes and body best.

If you plan to take detox diets as a way to shed some weight, care should be taken so that you don’t deprive your body of any necessary nutrients. Placing sufficient time gap between diets will ensure this does not happen.

Exercising during detox diets depends on the type of diet as well. It is essential to not stress your body and cause exhaustion. Individuals with any medical condition should consult their doctor before they undergo a detox diet.

When do you know you require a detox?

An individual who feels a lack of energy acts more lethargic and tends to get stomach illnesses more often, it can be considered that a detox is due. Detoxes can also be used to reduce face acne as well as for weight loss and hence is a healthy way to improve your looks as well. Other signs that indicate you require detox your body include indigestion, poor concentration, bad breath, poor skin, muscle pain, and headaches.

A detox diet can act as a restart button for the general health of your body and the efficient functioning of your digestive system. The benefits are never-ending while the effort required may be high. If you are someone who likes to eat healthy for a period of time, trying out a detox diet may do you good as it comprises of food combinations that are researched and studied about.


History of The Boiled Peanut

If you live in the south, then you know that Boil P-Nuts (Boiled Peanuts) is a true delicacy. Popular throughout the Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama, this dish dates back to the Civil War.  Boiled peanuts are nuts that are put into a vat of salt water and heated over a fire. The outer shell becomes soggy and releases flavor into the nut. They are a delicacy because boiled peanuts do not last very long only 3-4 days whereas it takes almost 90 days to grow the nut for it to be boiled.  (more…)

What’s The Difference Between Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a classic dessert. There’s even a Greek recipe that dates all the way back to 5th Century BCE.  And while early Greeks considered this dessert a cake, modern confectioners consider a cheesecake nothing more than a twist on a custard pie. Currently, in broad strokes, there are two different types of cheesecake: baked and unbaked. However, in the United States, most cheesecakes are baked. But why do restaurants put on their menu “New York Style Cheesecake” rather than just cheesecake? In fact, there are 5 different styles of cheesecakes found within the United States.  (more…)

6 Interesting Things You Can Do With Vodka

Vodka is known for it’s neutral flavor, warm & fuzzy approach, countless cheap & expensive options, and wide availability. It mixes well with numerous flavorings, and offers a tasty drinking experience for the connoisseur.

Yet vodka spirits get mixed reviews. It’s low-calorie nature makes vodka a favorable dietary choice, however, it can also be quite harsh for the occasional drinker.

Still, even the cheapest, oldest, most rancid vodka can been as a household cleaning product. You may have heard that vodka can be used in place of soaps & detergents, or killing mosquitos. But it can also be used for removing stains, sparkling dishes, taming an acne breakout, and even reducing a fever.

Before you throw a lingering bottle in the garbage, here are 6 interesting things you can do with an old bottle of cheap vodka:

1) Freshen your wardrobe

Just add vodka into a spritzing bottle. For this one, you want to make sure not to mix the vodka with water, soap, etc. Watering down the mixture will reduce it’s odor-removing power and you’re going to need all you can manage. Before spritzing garments you plan to freshen with vodka, hang them up and let them air out for a couple of hours. Then do a spot check before dousing the garment to make sure the color doesn’t bleed.

Give the garment a misting. Try not to drench the fabric, though; instead try to mist them very lightly. As you spritz the fabrics with vodka, the alcohol will help to gather up any odorants clinging to your clothes.

This is an effective odor-eliminator because the vodka will work to eliminate a bad smell without leaving a fragrance or residue. Spritzing a little vodka on your favorite garments will not only save money & time, it’ll keep them from wearing down as quickly. The washing & drying process is known to wear down clothes faster, and this remedy will help you to curtail that process.

2) Get rid of a canker sore

Canker sores can be pretty annoying, especially when they persist for quite some time. If you find yourself chewing and constantly re-irritating a mouth sore, try swishing a quarter of a shot around the sore. After a moment, you can swallow it or spit it out. This will simultaneously sterilize and numb the area, encouraging it to heal faster. You can also douse a cotton swab or q-tip with vodka and treat the area, drying the blister out completely. Vodka will not only keep the area free from contamination, it’ll also help it recover.

According to TipNut.com, vodka, rum and whiskey can keep a mouth sore from lasting 2-3 weeks. So next time you have an irritable canker sore, skip the Listerine and have a shot of vodka. Note: it’s best to treat the area with vodka right after eating.

3) Use vodka as a replacement painkiller

Alleviate muscle throbbing & soreness by taking a few shots as needed. According to the Huffington Post, “It can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol.” However, drinking too much alcohol will ultimately cause more problems in the long run so this remedy shouldn’t be used for persistent, ongoing pain relief.

Not only drinking alcohol – but using alcohol as a topical ointment – can be effective at relieving pain.

To do this, create a liniment by mixing vodka with essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, or lavender. Just mix vodka and essential oil, allowing it to sit out for a couple weeks so that the oil is distilled and the vodka evaporates.

Note: Similar to products like Tiger Balm and White Flower Oil, this mixture will stimulate both hot and cold reactions in nerve endings on the surface of the skin. As this happens, your brain will register the sensations simultaneously creating a contrast making the liniment seem hotter than it is.

4) Kick the soreness out of a sore throat

According to MedicalNewsToday.com, gargling vodka can soothe a sore throat. Alcohol is a vasodilator. If you’re feeling cold and achy (due to a virus or infection), drinking vodka can help you to feel warm and fuzzy at the same time. It also offers anesthetic effects, but there are no scientific benefits documented. This is purely based on testimonials and speculation. Although there is evidence that alcohol can kill viruses, it’s typically supportive of alcoholic hand gels and sanitizers. However, the common cold or flu, and symptoms like fever, aches, and pains can all be remedied to some degree with vodka.

Note: If you’re feeling under the weather, you probably don’t want a hangover. To avoid the side effects of drinking while under the weather, make sure to select an organic, naturally sweetened vodka without additives. According to Hell’s Half Acre Vodka company, neutral-smelling vodkas with a little viscosity bold well for those who don’t fancy the side effects of drinking hard liquor.

5) Make your glasses & mirrors shimmer

Water spots on fixtures are annoying and unattractive. They’re like an ex-boyfriend that still has feelings for you and won’t leave you alone. Everytime you think things have dried up, they reappear.

No matter what you do, or how many products you use, it’s relatively difficult to get water spots to disappear for good. Just place a piece of muslin fabric or a cheese cloth over a water bottle filled with vodka, and hose the vodka onto the glass surface. With some elbow grease, you should be able to rub out those water spots for the last time.

6) Soothe a toothache

Just swish a bit of vodka around the tooth that’s aching. Your gums will absorb some of the liquor numbing the area temporarily. Then you can swallow it, or spit it out. According to MyTooth.com, alcohols like whisky or vodka can help remedy pain fairly quickly.

By taking a cotton ball soaked in vodka, and placing it on the aching tooth – you can numb the pain and avoid getting tipsy. The effects of this are almost immediate, and often preferable to products like Listerine.

If you’re not a big fan of hard liquor, there’s probably a bottle sitting around the house that you never seem to get around to drinking. Whether vodka or white tequila – a lingering bottle of hard liquor can be quite annoying but useful. But before you throw it out, consider alternative uses around the house. They just may save you a trip to the store.


Simple Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Meal

Eating healthy doesn’t mean following an extreme dietary plan, or denying yourself your favorite food. Rather, it’s more about eating foods that boost energy, improve your health, and balance the hormones. Chances are you’ve read countless articles on nutrition or tried a bunch of diets without success – which is why we won’t try to sell you another magic diet.

Our mission is to promote healthy living by way of eating nutritious whole meals and minimizing junk food. We’ve found that the simplest and most effective approach to dieting is to reduce the number of processed foods we eat and instead, eat more real food.

A good, healthy diet often times involves very specific foods and nutrients that are known to be vital to our health; but still, the overall dietary plan is what matters more and what determines your health. It is absolutely important that you substitute instant, processed foods with home-made meals whenever possible – because when we eat natural food it has an amazing impact on the way we look, think and feel.

Do I need to avoid some foods?

Your body needs a balance of vitamins, proteins, carbs, fat, fiber, and minerals, to function properly. Now, some of the more extreme dietary experts may disagree, but there’s no need to eliminate entire food categories from your diet, it makes more sense to eat the healthiest foods from each category. Let’s go through the basics of healthy eating:

Debunking food categories

Carbs: These are an important source of energy and should be part of your daily nutrition. The best carbs are complex, and unrefined; such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. Avoid eating white bread, starches, pastries, and sugar to prevent fluctuations in blood sugar, mood, and energy.

Fat: Some fats are healthy and some aren’t. Healthy fats (such as omega 3s) are vital to our health and play a major role in keeping our physical and mental health in check. Eating more natural fat (such as nuts, avocado) can also make it easier to lose weight.

Fiber: We need more fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts in our diet. Some of the benefits include a healthy heart, reduced risk of diabetes, and healthy skin.

Protein: Aside from animal products, you can get good amounts of high-quality protein from a variety of plants and seeds and this is important because without sufficient protein you won’t have the energy to go about your day.

How to make healthy meals

If possible, prepare your own meals. Cooking forces you to be more aware of what you put in your body, and as a result, you will consume less sugar, fat, calories, and other foods that leave you bloated and irritable.

Drink more water. This helps your body get rid of waste and toxins that cause tiredness, low energy, and headaches. You can also reduce food intake by drinking enough water.

Always read the labels. You need to be aware of what you’re purchasing and what those food labels say. Keep in mind that some manufacturers will pack huge amounts of sugar and processed fat and still label the food healthy.

Eat in moderation. Don’t stuff your body with large amounts of healthy food – this will interfere with the digestive process and leave you feeling sick. Moderate your food intake and reduce the portion sizes of “bad” food so that instead of craving them more, you eat just enough to keep the balance and follow it up with plenty of whole foods including greens and vegetables.

Plan your meals ahead. Healthy eating requires good planning. Start by stockpiling your kitchen with high-quality fruits, vegetables, cereal, meats, dairy, fish, oils, spices, whole grains, healthy snacks, and simple recipes. A good way to do that is by getting your groceries delivered by mercato.com. Pick a few recipes that you like and build your meal schedule around them.

What Is Club 33?

Club 33 is a set of private clubs scattered throughout Disney locations including the original in the New Orleans Square at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, another in Tokyo Disney Land and the third being at Shanghai Disney. There are rumors of a new and upcoming location at Disney World.

Club 33 in California is known for The Grand Salon (the exclusive restaurant), access to Le Salon Nouveau (a jazz lounge) and 1901 (another lounge in Disney’s California Adventure). Want to be a member? There’s a 14-year waiting list, with a $25,000 fee and yearly dues of $10,000. Other perks include early park admission, valet parking and private events at Club 33’s restaurant.

Le Grand Salon is known for their $120.00 5 course menu. Diners select from several options for each course. The first course features appetizers such as autumn mushroom croquette, shaved prosciutto, and seared scallops. The second course is a choice of salads featuring seasonal ingredients. The third course is another appetizer but larger plate that features different fish dishes like Salmon a la Plancha or pasta dishes like Sage Pumpkin Ravioli. The fourth course is the entrée course featuring New York Strip, Veal Osso Buco, and Rack of Lamb. And the fifth course has several sweet options that make it almost impossible to choose. Deserts ranging from apple galettes to pecan coffee bundt cake.

But the food is just as delicious at The Salon Nouveau. They offering a range of food from appetizers of caviar to juicy burgers to the finest champagne.

If you don’t know anyone that is a member and you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to eat a fancy restaurant, this will be one of these restaurants that will forever remain on your bucket list. However, it is highly recommended and always gets 4-5 star ratings on trip advisor and Yelp. For an exclusive restaurant, it’s pretty popular!

What’s So Special About Pink’s Hot Dogs?

If you’ve lived in California for any period of time, then you’ve probably heard of Pink’s Hot Dogs. You probably are in love with favorites like the Bacon Burrito Dog, the Jaws dog, the Philly Cheesesteak Dog, or the Lord of the Rings Dog as much as anyone else. There are so many choices, it’s hard to choose a single item off the menu–which is why so many people fill their bellies with every visit.


The Scrutinized Origins of Key Lime Pie

If you’ve heard the word of mouth, then you’ve probably been led to believe that key lime pie was a traditional dessert that began in Key West, Florida, a popular vacation destination for young and old alike in the most southern reaches of the sunshine state. The story goes that key limes require the exact Key West climate in order to achieve the right amount of tart, tangy taste for perfect baking. Here’s the problem: there’s a new theory about the origins of Key Lime Pie, and not everyone is happy about it. (more…)