August 2011

How to Cut Down Cholesterol?

Perhaps you don’t worry about your cholesterol levels, but for some people these are very important. These simple to follow step will help you in cutting down cholesterol:

– Replace meat with bean curds, nuts, peas and beans on some days.
– Eat shellfish, prawns, crabs and organ meats (liver, kidney, brain) no more than twice a week and in small portions.
– Limit the number of eggs you eat. For normal healthy adults and adolescents, limit to 3-5 eggs a week. Young children can have 5-6 eggs a week. For persons with a high blood cholesterol level, limit to 2-3 eggs a week

Tofu – Like it or not, it is full of goodness

Many people cringe just by the thought of it, but one who is aiming for a healthy diet should consider tofu objectively. Because it has all the benefits of yogurt, without the lactose, and is as versatile as eggs or flour.

Tofu is a solid form of bean curd.
It is tasteless and a bit formless by itself, but it is considered the chameleon of the health food world.
It can be grilled into a serviceable hamburger alternative, or whipped into a natural cream substitute.
Tofu absorbs the taste of whatever food is cooked together with, so the possibilities are endless.

If you want to experience tofu as painlessly as possible, when you next go to a good Chinese restaurant you could try a stir-fry which contains tofu. When stir-fried with other foods and seasoned well, you may think tofu looks and tastes like a good fried egg. If you like it, you can then try it in another dish.