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Making Tasty Homemade Diet Vegetable Soup Recipe

The vegetable soup diet is one of the most popular diets and is also very nutritious because it provides a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and keep the body strong, healthy and lean. There are endless variations of healthy vegetable soup recipe so you can make a different one everyday without getting tired of it. You can make simple staples or gourmet recipes. You can have a different soup for lunch or dinner and lose pounds in a matter of weeks. When making vegetable soup, skip the loads of butter and cream that add fats and calories and stick to fresh vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, mushrooms, and tofu for a satisfying and nutritious meal.

Basic vegetable diet soup

A popular and basic vegetable soup recipe for dieting is made with sautéed onions, carrots, celery and garlic added with canned whole tomatoes with juice. Green beans, cabbage, chicken or vegetable broth, water, salt and pepper are also added and the whole is brought to a boil over high heat then simmered for ten minutes. Sliced zucchini and spinach are also added and simmered or until all the vegetables are tender. This recipe can be varied by adding different herbs, spices and other low-fat ingredients to make gourmet recipes such as Mexican chicken soup, Greek fish Stew, Italian minestrone, spicy Thai shrimp soup, vegetable curry, goulash, and red beans and rice stew.

Famous cabbage diet soup

Another popular diet soup is the cabbage Miracle Soup made with onions, green peppers, fresh or canned whole tomatoes, cabbage, and celery seasoned with dry onion soup mix. The vegetables are cut up, placed in a pot and covered with water then boiled and simmered until tender. This is part of a seven-day diet that involves a strict diet plan but allows you to eat the soup anytime you feel hungry.

Vegetarian versions of meat recipes

You can make vegetarian versions of soups that originally have meat in them. For example, Mexican tortilla soup is typically made with chicken but you can make a vegetarian version and load it with corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. Use earthy chili flavors, herbs, and spices to make a satisfying broth. You can also make vegetarian chili and add minced carrots, zucchini, and tofu instead of using ground beef.

Inspirations from all over the globe

There are countless vegetable soup recipes you can try at home inspired from different parts of the globe. You can make vegetarian or vegan soups as well as gluten-free, salt-free, or fat-free. You can also add a bit of meat for more flavor or substitute with mushrooms or roasted vegetable stock. Chicken stock is also available in low-fat or low-sodium varieties. Other vegetarian recipes you can try are cheddar cauliflower soup, sweet potato-peanut bisque, ravioli vegetable soup, asparagus soup, butternut squash curry soup, cumin lentil soup, white bean and escarole soup, zucchini tortellini soup, tofu and seaweed soup, broccoli-cheese chowder, Hungarian mushroom soup, vegetarian hot pot, sweet potato and black bean chili, potato and leek soup, tomato soup, split pea soup, grapefruit gazpacho, cold cucumber soup, onion soup, tempeh tomato vegetable soup, spicy mango ginger soup, fat-free cabbage soup, black bean and lentil soup, pumpkin soup, vegetarian miso soup with garlic, and three bean soup with pasta.

How pizza delivery can help in simplifying your meal time and saving your money?

Whether it is a weekday or weekend, a good meal is always a welcoming preposition. For those who won’t call themselves a good cook, a visit to an eatery is the only option if they want to tickle their taste buds.  How much satisfying it may be, eating out can never be done at a blink of the eye—you need time for that. Moreover, most eating joints are anything but inexpensive. What is the solution then?

How about using a pizza delivery?

With a phone call, you can have a tasty, satiating pizza delivered to your work desk or home. What’s more, pizzas are usually not expensive. You can enjoy a good meal anytime anywhere without worrying about indigestion on the count of a hefty bill.

Let us take a detailed look at the benefits a pizza delivery provides.

  • Saves time: On office days, especially, you don’t have a lot of time for your meal. So going out for a meal is hardly an everyday option. But calling a pizza deliver is. Ring up your favorite local pizza deliver minutes before bells start ringing in your belly and you will have a tasty pizza waiting for you at lunchtime.
  • Saves money: A sumptuous meal at a trendy restaurant may make your wallet a few hundred dollars lighter. On the other, at a few dollars you can have a tasty pizza every day.
  • No more getting up early to prepare lunch: Whether it is your lunch or your partner’s, getting up early in the morning to prepare it is hardly an event to look forward to. A pizza delivery gives you extra sleep time, a luxury to which how can you say no?
  • Have a different pizza every day: Any good pizza delivery outlet worth its salt, or pizza, will offer you a range of pizzas to choose from. If you wish, you can have a different type of pizza every day.
  • No more spending a good part of your meal time waiting for your turn at the office micro-oven: Even the tastiest of home-cooked food become less inviting when eaten hours after preparation. And then there is the issue of it becoming cold, and cold it does becomes after six-seven hours even if you bring it in a hot case. The result: you can either choose to eat it cold or use the office microwave. The latter is hardly a pleasing option because almost every other person who brings home-cooked food would be lining up around it during lunch time. To beat the traffic, you would need to get up from your desk before others do. But this would mean a longer lunch break, which your boss is not likely to approve. So why sacrifice a good pay rise or a much-desired promotion for the lure of good food? In fact, why choose only one when you can have both?

Take the hint, pick up your desk phone, and call your local pizza delivery and treat yourself to a great pizza today. Bon appetite!

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Derek Langley is a freelance writer interested in writing articles related to food. Most often he writes articles for pizza and other related food items.

Looking For A Weight Loss Plan? Check Out These New Year Eating Regimes

Do you have your New Year’s Resolution planned yet? Is it true that you are looking for a plan to look fit, lose fat, and get fit as a fiddle? If your answer is yes then you must continue reading this article.

By focusing on this New Year’s, New You Challenge of losing weight you are vowing to look forward, not regressive. Now is time for you to discover better approaches for going along the street of your weight reduction venture without getting exhausted and succumbing to a temporary route.

As a new turn on the rankings, U.s. News added three new weight watchers new plan for 2014, which are The Fast Diet, an arrange that calls for extreme calorie slicing two days a week; Acid Alkaline Diet, an arrange that means to help control your physique’s ph level through the sustenances you consume. Second one is called Spark Solution, a low-calorie plan with organized activity made by the Spark People online group. Other eating regime to look out for in this year is the Slim Fast and Anti-Inflammatory Diet. 

The simple start plan

The new Simple Start plan fixates on a simple approach to get off to an extraordinary begins getting in shape with another comparing portable application. Simple Start is based an establishment of fulfilling Power Foods, which   are the healthiest and most filling sustenance decisions inside classifications,   incorporating entire grains, incline proteins, non-fat dairy and crisp foods grown from the ground vegetables.

Simple start plan for 2014 

With weight reduction being at the highest point of your determination records, it is important to realize that the first couple of weeks are extremely essential to one’s cause and victory. Here are two best eating regime and Simple start plan for 2014 for you.

Weight watchers plan: You’ll drop up to 2 pounds week after week. There’s more to slimming down than tallying calories, when you settle on sound decisions that top you off, you’ll consume less. Weight Watchers’ Points plus project, started in November 2010, allots each sustenance a focuses quality, taking into account its protein, starch, fat, filament, calories, and how hard your physique need to work to smoulder it off. Decisions that top you off the longest “cost” the minimum and healthfully thick sustenances require not exactly vacant calories. So when you’re wavering between a 200-calorie tree grown foods smoothie and a 200-calorie frosted espresso, the smoothie is the more brilliant decision.

Biggest Loser Diet: Weight reduction, infection anticipation or inversion. Six weeks of sound nourishment and customary practice is not just an extraordinary begin to a weight reduction venture it can additionally help counteract or reverse diabetes; cut the danger for disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s; enhance your heart health; and support your resistant framework.

Jenny Craig plan: As a weight reduction diet, Jenny Craig outranked about every last bit of its rivals. Specialists acknowledged, in addition to different parts of the project, the quality of the enthusiastic backing furnished by its week after week one-on-one directing sessions.

Volumetric: Volumetric helps weight watchers drop pounds and keep them off. It scored well in both the short- and long haul weight reduction classifications, practically identical to and superior to numerous different eating methodologies. Since it keeps tabs on satiety, or the fulfilled feeling that you’ve had enough, it’s more probable than different eating methodologies are to succeed.

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Matt Wingerd an experienced Health and Wellness expert, who researched on various simple start diet plans to watch out for in the year 2014.

Stand Out: Five Surprising Ways to Use Your Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are great for replacing several other appliances and cookware items in your kitchen. You can create many new recipes and become a chef by using your stand mixer in a variety of new ways. All you need to do is purchase a few new accessories for your mixer. Here are five ways to use your stand mixer that might surprise you.

Grind Food

When you want fine or coarsely ground meats, cheese, nuts and vegetables, the food grinder attachment is perfect. Create fillings for your ravioli, freshly-made ground beef for hamburgers, crumbs for coating other foods and even Parmesan cheese to put on your pasta. Make your own ham salad as well. You can also add a vegetable puree and strainer attachment to your grinder to make your own jam, jelly, baby food or pasta sauce.

Mill Grain

Create your own flours and fiber-filled goodies by grinding down corn, rice, oats, wheat or other grains. Create flours that are extra fine all the way to cracked-grain style. You can also grind your own flaxseeds to add to your smoothies, pancakes or put on top of just about any food to boost the health benefits.

Make Ice Cream

There is no need to create room for an ice cream maker in your kitchen when you can purchase the added accessories for your stand mixer and make a perfect treat that way. The trick is to make sure your bowl, which is available through Mendingshed.com and other retailers, is very cold before attaching it to the mixer.

Slice and Shred

Whether you want cheese slices and deli meat or sliced vegetables or fruits, the cone-shaped shredder comes with four blades. Two of these are for shredding and two are for slicing, which makes it possible for you to create healthy salads all with your stand mixer. Shred cheese for any meal including pizza also.

Create Pasta

There are actually several attachments besides the genuine KitchenAid mixer parts that allow you to create your own homemade pasta. The pasta roller helps you to make long strands of pasta such as spaghetti noodles and linguine. The pasta extruder helps you to create smaller pastas like macaroni and fusilli that hold sauces well. The ravioli attachment creates perfectly-sized and matching top and bottom layers for you to create your own stuffed ravioli. The pinching tool keeps fillings in and water out.

You can create a wide variety of meals and snacks with your stand mixer by adding accessories such as the the ice cream maker, slice and shred accessories, grinder, tool to mill grains or the variety of pasta attachments so you do not need so many kitchen appliances. Use these five ways to use your stand mixer to mix it up!

5 Tips For Creating A Classic Cheese Board

One of the most classic dessert options to go with is to serve a classic cheese board. It is a great way to experience different tastes while having a nice conversation with your dinner guests. There are so many different options to go with when it comes to serving cheese and it is a good idea to try to keep it simple. Here are five tips for creating a very classic cheese board.

Cheese Board

1. Something Creamy

First, you want to add some creamy cheeses for your cheese board. These are perfect cheeses to start off with and will provide this soft almost floury taste for you to enjoy.

The most traditional choices to go with are Camembert and Brie. You could also get something from closer to home and purchase a great Scottish cheese called Bonchester.

2. Include Some Hard Cheeses

You should then include some harder cheeses for your selection. These cheeses are usually harder because they have been made differently. There is no cooking process involved and they get the hardness from being pressed for a while.

Parmesan is probably the most favoured hard cheese and it should be on your cheese board. You can also then go with different classic Cheddar and Leicester cheese options and pick something you like.

3. Bring On The Blues

You also want to include some great blue cheese to achieve the perfect classic cheese board. There are many different blue cheese options to go with as well. The safest option is to keep in mind that the best blue cheeses generally come from France, Italy and England.

4. Serve It With Port Wine

Port wine is one of the best drink options to consider serving together with cheese. The sweet fruity taste of port wine will compliment the saltier tastes of the cheese board in such a perfect way. There is some real harmony between these two.

There are many different port wine options to go with. Naturally the best port wines are often vintage ports as they have been collecting taste for a long time. The finest vintage port can really bring out the best in cheese so you’d want to look for those. Make sure you always decant vintage port before serving.

5. The Best Accompaniments

Naturally, you can’t just have cheese and port. There is plenty of choice when it comes to accompaniments as well and it all also depends a bit on what type of presentation you’d like to go with.

It is important to include some biscuits with the cheese board. Go for a few very plain biscuits to eat with the stronger cheese. You can also add some salted olive oil biscuits and perhaps even poppy seed biscuits. Love Food has some good tips for selecting biscuits with cheese.

You can also add some cured Spanish ham for your cheese board. Grapes and dried fruit is also a nice snack to have on the side.

The above five tips will help you create the perfect classic cheeseboard. It is a really good dessert choice or a snack board to include for your dinner party.

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Hazel Farah loves to learn more about quality cheeses and wines. She is passionate about knowing how different cheese types are made and would love to travel to a cheese factory one day. She also loves to travel and is a big fan of Spain.

Champagne Cork Injuries Can Be A Real Pagne

Popping a bottle of champagne is usually associated with celebrating holidays, special events, or achievements. Popping the cork and making champagne fly into the air should be a fun occasion, instead of one resulting in an injury. Optometrists say that the most common New Years Eve injury is taking a champagne cork to the eye, the second being firework mishaps. Though champagne is extremely popular over the New Years Eve holiday, the threat of getting a champagne cork injury runs rampant all year with brunch mimosas, engagements and work parties.

Why Is There A Risk In The First Place?

Champagne bottles have been known to store up to 90 pounds of pressure in one bottle, which is more than the average car tire. This pressure buildup can cause the cork to launch from the bottle at up to 50 miles per hour. Such an acceleration is enough to shatter glass, and more importantly can severely damage a human eyeball or lead to blindness.

What Can Happen

  • Blindness
  • Eye Wall Rupture
  • Lens Dislocation
  • Bleeding
  • Retina Detachment
  • Glaucoma
  • Damage to bones surrounding the eyes
  • Psychological Trauma

There are a few things that one can do to avoid eye injury when opening a champagne bottle.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Injury

Most importantly, champagne bottles need to be chilled to 45 degrees fahrenheit or colder. Warmer champagne bottles are less predictable and can pop unexpectedly before the opener can properly prepare for the cork launch. Also, the opener needs to avoid shaking or disturbing the bottle too much. In movies bottles are often shaken to make the champagne launch be more dramatic and have a larger champagne spray. This causes for the bottle to build up even more pressure which increases the risk for injury, whilst wasting perfectly good drinking champagne. Doing so is not encouraged.

Another good tip for avoiding cork injuries is to never aim the top of the bottle towards your face or body. Doing so is just asking for a cork to the face. If the bottle does not open properly, examine it at a distance. The best way to open the bottle is to point the cork at a 45 degree angle from yourself, while avoiding aiming it at any person (even if you dislike them).

Placing a towel over the cork, or obstructing it in any way, can help provide a barrier between the cork and an injury.

Knowing which type of cork the bottle has can also help when avoiding injury. Some bottles have twist off tops, while others need to be popped. Those who are not paying attention are the first to be hit with accidental flying corks. Also, it is said that plastic corks are more dangerous than traditional corks because they cause more pressure buildup within the bottle, and cause a more explosive champagne pop.

Champagne is supposed to be the drink of celebration and fun, and it is no fun ceasing the party to take a friend to the hospital or call an ambulance. Try to drink and open bubbly responsibly, out of respect for your own eyes and those of the surrounding party guests.

Lindsay is a writer for the Kyle Law Firm, a personal injury firm in Texas. Lindsay has never opened a champagne bottle before and always passes them to her friends because they scare her.

5 Eating Habits That Harm Your Teeth

5 Eating Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Your teeth are made out of the strongest material in your body, but that unfortunately doesn’t mean they can withstand any kind of abuse. Even some simple, seemingly harmless eating habits can damage your teeth. Below are some eating habits you should avoid if you want to maintain a beautiful smile for as long as possible.

Chewing on Ice and Popcorn

If you have the habit of chewing on the ice cubes in your drink, then you should really try to stop doing this. Ice cubes can actually cause your teeth to chip and even break. Not just ice cubes can be dangerous for your teeth, but also popcorn kernels. Chewing on the kernels at the bottom of your bowl of popcorn may seem harmless, but it can have the same effect as ice cube chewing, namely chipping or fracturing a tooth. Also avoid chewing on pits of fruits that you’ve been eating. If you really need something to chew on, take a carrot or some celery, which will actually clean your teeth.

Sipping Soda

A lot of people think that if they have just one soft drink a day, this will not harm their teeth that much. Unfortunately, many then go on to sip on this one soft drink throughout an entire afternoon or evening. Having your teeth constantly exposed to the high amounts of sugar and acid that soft drinks contain, even when it’s just a small amount, can be very harmful for your teeth. If you do want to drink a soft drink, you should finish it relatively fast, drink it using a straw (so it doesn’t touch your teeth that much) and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

Constantly Snacking

If you are constantly snacking throughout the day, especially on unhealthy foods, your teeth will never get any rest and food particles that mouth bacteria feed on will be present in your mouth all day long. Try to limit snacking throughout the day and when you do you, snack on raw vegetables, fruits that are low in sugar (so avoid dried fruits) or aged cheese. Avoid sugary snacks or any snacks that contain a lot of refined grains.

Drinking Lots of Coffee and Black Tea

Consuming too much coffee or black tea can stain your teeth. Instead try drinking green tea, which has been shown to be great for oral health and may even help prevent serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. When you do drink coffee or tea (one or two cups a day should be ok), rinse your mouth with water afterwards to avoid staining.

Eating an Unbalanced Diet

Even if you don’t snack, avoid soft drinks, coffee and black tea, and don’t chew on any hard foods, eating an unbalanced diet can still be harmful for your teeth. Oral health is not just about the foods you avoid, but also the foods you eat. Make sure that you eat lots of vegetables (different colored ones), some unprocessed meats and fish, some starchy foods such as potatoes and some fruits. Avoid refined grains, sugar and processed vegetable oils. That way you should be able to keep your body and your mouth healthy.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry, an Austin dental office. Zane is glad he’s never started drinking soda.