June 2016

5 Must-Visit Italian Restaurants in Sydney

One of the best cuisines you need to try when in Sydney is Italian. There are numerous Italian restaurants around the city that offer you mouth-watering and delectable meals all the time. Whether it is a fine dining or a casual eating with your loved ones, you will surely enjoy your dining experience.

Apparently, the European migration in 1950s in Australia introduced Italian cuisine to the region. Since then, it evolves in the whole country so if you’re craving for some Italian delicacies, here are some of the must-try Italian restaurants in Sydney which you can visit.

Ormeggio at The Spit

The Italian word “ormeggio” means berth and mooring, making the Ormeggio at The Spit a contemporary restaurant in a stunning waterfront setting. Situated on Middle Harbour, this Italian dining offers impressive dishes. Together with his team, Executive Chef Alessandro Pavoni uses the finest produce as well as both modern and traditional cooking techniques to serve you luscious dishes.

Balla Restaurant

This modern Italian restaurant in Sydney is one of The Star’s ultimate dining places. It was named after Giacomo Balla, a painter and a poet. Australia’s leading advocate of Italian cuisine, Chef Stefano Manfredi, decided to put up Balla to bring some modern twists on traditional Italian food. So, if you are craving for some authentic Italian cuisine, this is one of the greatest restaurants to visit.

Otto Ristorante

Located at The Finger Wharf, Otto Ristorante is sure to offer you the best Italian cuisine you will ever taste. A contemporary Italian menu is served daily in this modern dining. Head chef Richard Ptacnik uses fresh organic produce in cooking each meal, which makes every diner’s Otto experience absolutely unforgettable and satisfying. Additionally, you are greeted with a spectacular view when you dine here.

Pilu at Freshwater

This elegant Italian restaurant is perfect to celebrate any occasions. With its classic beachside setting and breathtaking ocean scenery, you will totally have a wonderful dining experience. You can expect top-notch Italian cuisine by Chef Giovanni Pilu as well as good-tasting wines.

A Tavola

One thing that makes A Tavola such a big hit in Sydney is its look. It is designed with large copper orbs and there are marble communal tables where you can see the chefs work. Your Italian food craving will definitely be satisfied once you have tried their palate-meals and great-tasting wine. More so, the service in this neighbourhood restaurant is outstanding, as they have friendly and professional staff.


Indeed, Sydney is home to some of the most striking Italian restaurants in the entire world. The Italian dining mentioned above can attest to the greatness of the Italian cuisine in the city. So never miss out the opportunity to dine in these restaurants today and indulge with world-class Italian food. You will have nothing to regret when you taste any of these appetizing dishes.



Job Placement Firms: Helping Busy Chefs Find New Careers

Chefs have a very exciting but very challenging career. They work long hours, sometimes seven days a week, and are in constant demand the entire time. To be a chef, a person has to be very passionate about the work, because those who are only in it for a paycheque burn out very quickly. When you ask an experienced chef what the main prerequisite is to make a great chef, most of them would sum it up in one word – passion. Since chefs work very hard and work very long hours, it is sometimes difficult for them to switch from one job to another, because there is little time to research available jobs, send out resumes and go on interviews. These days, however, this task is a little easier because there are many job placement companies that help chefs of all experience levels find a job. Most of these companies can be found online.

Starting Online Is a Great First Step

Job placement firms found online usually cater to both job-seekers and those who are recruiting employees, and for most, it is a simple and fast process to sign up online. Once job-seekers sign up online, it is possible that potential employers will find them quickly. That is in part because the chefs can create very detailed profiles with a photograph and detailed information that includes specialty areas, the areas of the city they are interested in working in, desired salary range and current skills and qualifications. Head chefs and restaurant owners who wish to find chefs in London and surrounding areas can enter some basic information, click on a button and find a list of potential employees. Whether you are a job-seeker or an employer, finding what you want is easy and can be done with the click of a mouse.

Job Placement Companies Make Finding a Chef’s Job Much Easier

Chefs have a unique career, and even though most of them find the job extremely rewarding, there are still good points and bad points about the job. Chefs love the uniqueness of the job, the attention they receive and the ability to create something new on a regular basis, but they often resent the long hours and the physical demands of the job. Of course, these days their lack of time does not necessarily mean that they cannot look for another job when they are ready to advance their careers. With online job recruitment companies, the two parties can communicate with one another directly, so there is no sending resumes to mailboxes and waiting for a reply. If employers are interested in you, they will contact you directly, so the entire process runs both faster and more smoothly than other types of employment-seeking.

If you are a chef in need of a new job, considering the advantages of an online job placement firm is an excellent idea. It saves time and money, and enables you to quickly find the job of your dreams.

Takeaways: The Most Popular Cuisines in 2016

What foods are the most popular and in what countries? Which dishes have made them so popular?


Italian food is one of the most popular types of food around the world. There is no specific age group that especially enjoys this food. The demographic is widespread. In various surveys, almost half the participants said that they eat Italian more than once a month. Think about it. Every time you pick up a pizza, you are eating Italian. The most popular Italian dishes are, of course, pizza, pasta, and lasagna. All these have some element of cheese and/ or sauce mixed with a grain, and are seen as delicious. For this reason, Italian food is number one in popularity.


Mexican food is number two in popularity. In the United States, over 40,000 Mexican restaurants exist, with over 14,000 being chain restaurants. The demand for Mexican food is booming in Europe. What makes Mexican food so popular? One of its benefits is that it is generally less expensive. While it does use meat in most of its recipes, the other ingredients are inexpensive and allow Mexican food to remain fairly affordable. You can buy tacos for a pound or so each. Mexican cuisine has an easy way of mixing vegetables and spice into your food. With Mexican, the most popular foods are tacos, quesadillas, rice, and beans. A variety of spicy sauces will be available to accompany your meal.


Indian food is number three on the list of popularity. India is known for its spicy foods. Some of its most famous dishes are Pav Bhaji, Punjabi, Dhosa, and Pani-puri. These dishes usually contain a combination of rice with some meat. Ginger and onion are among the spices used in these dishes. However, other spices that are much stronger are also often used.


Japanese food is number four on the list. Sushi is one of the most popular and well-known Japanese dishes. It was first created in Japan in the 8th century, but remained popular only in Japan for over 1000 years. Now, however, sushi is popular around the world. Japanese food is beneficial for its health factor. It generally substitutes the bread for rice, removing calories from the meal. Japanese people are predicted to live the longest. Might this be related to the way they eat?


French food is next in popularity. What makes up a typical French meal? The French are famous for their amazing sauces. They cook meat and serve it with sauces that will have you wanting more. French meals are versatile, offering amazing cheeses and breads as well. Another area in which the French are famous is in pastries. These pastries are flaky and melt in your mouth, making you want seconds and thirds.

The top five most popular cuisines around the world for 2016 are listed in this order: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, and French.


Enjoying the BBQ Season, Whatever the Weather

When summer creeps closer, there’s one thing that gets everybody excited, and that’s BBQ’s. Whether you love barbeques because of the excuse to indulge in a whole spread of incredibly tasty foods, or simply because it’s the perfect time for a good get-together, barbeques are just great. The only downside to a barbeque however, is the need to plan, prepare and pray. Planning is essential, especially if you’re wanting a larger turnout. You need to inform your guests, decide on food and drinks and then purchase everything you need. Then there’s the preparation, getting the food ready, making the garden suitable and wearing the right clothing to keep warm but not too warm! Then you need to pray, pray and hope that the weather will hold off and the sun will shine for you, just for one evening. The weather can however be very unpredictable, with a beautiful sunny afternoon suddenly switching to an aggressive thunderstorm out of nowhere! For this reason alone, here are some tips on how you can enjoy your barbeque, whatever the weather, whether you’re indoors or out!

Once you know who you want to invite, whether you’re wanting some family time, or a friendly get-together, you can then get started on deciding exactly what you want to feed your guests with. Barbeques are amazing for the simple fact that you can choose almost any cuisine, yet tie it in perfectly with the barbequed foods of your choice. A range of hot and cold food is always good when hosting something like this, as you’re giving your guests the choice and hopefully meeting everybody’s needs. There are however some specific foods that always go down very well at a barbeque, and are often expected when attending one. Burgers, Sausages and Steaks are always a good choice. Any type of meet that can be cooked to perfection on a barbeque will go down really well, accompanied with a soft bread bun or rice. You then need to consider smaller bowls of food, such as Potato Salads, Coleslaw, Mixed Leaf Salads, Jacket Potatoes and other bits of food that people can have on the side of their plate to nibble on. Cheese and Crackers, Breadsticks, Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes are also very good choices. Keep in mind that if your able to enjoy the glorious sunshine and have your barbeque outdoors, you may not want too many hot dishes, as the weather will already be warm and the food may become too much. There’s nothing more refreshing than a fresh salad or yoghurt based dish on a warm summers afternoon!

If the weather doesn’t go as planned and you find yourself faced with a heavy downpour just hours before your guests arrive, don’t panic. For many, the main attractions of a barbeque are the beautifully barbequed food, the hours of catching up and the general social atmosphere. The sunshine is often just a bonus! So, to ensure your indoor barbeque is just as good as you planned, make sure your foods are cooked the same. For example, remember to still grill your meats, and cook things the same way you would if you were outdoors. How you present the table is also key, as for a barbeque outdoors you tend to have your dishes spread out like a buffet for guests to pick their food as they choose. Keeping this relaxed feel to the indoor barbeque will ensure you keep things the same. Having your food spread out across a table gives people the chance to choose food as they please, and go back for more if needed. It’s also much easier to socialise when you can float around the room with your plate, instead of having to sit in a seating plan at the table! If you decide to make additional plates of food or even desserts, you can simply keep them fresh with Clingfilm and keep them neatly placed on your kitchen units, until you’re ready to bring them to the table.

How you present your outdoor or indoor areas is really important to creating that perfect barbeque atmosphere. Summer is a time for colour and fun, so purchasing some bunting or colourful napkins will help to brighten up the table and add to the summery feel. It doesn’t matter if your indoors or out, you can still incorporate your summery additions to your area and create a fun, welcoming atmosphere. Candles are another great feature to add to your barbeque, as they create a beautiful atmosphere and add a relaxing, calming touch. Music also very important when creating the perfect atmosphere. If you have your barbeque outdoors, a portable speaker is a great way to keep the music flowing whilst everyone enjoys the food and great company. Similarly, if you’re indoors, you can have your music playing softly in the background, as background music is always good for filling any silent moments and simply keeping the positive feeling strong.


Foods That Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is something that can happen to absolutely everyone. You can even have a perfect oral hygiene and have some cavities. Many are actually shocked when they visit the dentist and figure out that they have dental caries. They will say that they take care of teeth properly and that cavities should not actually appear.

What you have to understand is that taking care of teeth is much more than how you clean them. You can have the perfect physical dental care and still end up with tooth decay. In many situations this happens because of diet problems. Tooth structure is hard but you can easily end up with cavities because of the structure being affected by what you eat. This is that one thing that many do not know much about.

What should you remember about the diet? Fortunately, not many things have to be said. You want to simply remember the following.


You mainly need vitamins A, C and D for your teeth. A will be necessary for bone and tooth formation. Vitamin C is necessary as it prevents dental infection and bleeding. We should also mention that fiber is a huge part of the mix in this case since it helps improve saliva production. You will want to consume more fruits and vegetables. Great examples include raspberry, beans, celery, garlic, apple, watercress, carrot, cranberry and papaya. Try to avoid high intake of citrus fruits. Although high vitamin C content appears, a high acidic content also appears. That is quite bad for enamel.

If we are to recommend a super food for vitamin intake if you want to take care of teeth, berries have to be highlighted. They have both vitamin A and C while also having high flavonoids content. In case you were not aware of this, flavonoids have strong antibacterial properties. Cavity formation is prevented.


If you take a look at most of the articles that talk about protecting teeth, you instantly notice that calcium is regarded to as being vital. This is because it is a mineral that does a great job at maintaining the strength of bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps with this since it will promote the absorption of calcium. Whenever you talk about calcium, you also want to add magnesium. It is vital in bone and teeth formation.

Calcium is present at around 70% inside bones. Due to this, you need to be sure that you eat more almond, oat and soybean. Alternatively, consider cod liver oil, fatty fish, milk and even butter, as long as intake is not too high. All of these include magnesium, vitamin D and calcium.

Extra Tip: Drink Tea!

As an extra tip that we should highlight, you will want to increase tea consumption. This is because tea is pretty good at preventing the decay of your teeth. At the same time, tea includes a good quantity of fluoride. That will help increase teeth strength. The only problem is that sweetened tea is not great because of the addition of sugar. You should seriously consider drinking unsweetened tea. Sugar is capable of causing caries so you do want to avoid this unwanted presence.

Things to Include on Your Menu

Running a restaurant is a tricky business. You will need to strike the perfect balance between good quality food and ambiance in order to build up a loyal consumer base. If a customer is willing to pay over-the-top for your food, they will expect quality in return. As a result, restaurateurs have to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of quality, or they have to be ready to face intense criticism. Consumers generally pay a lot of attention to fine details, so it’s important for you to focus on minute details as well before you open the doors for consumers.

One of the most important aspects of your whole restaurant is your menu. What items are you going to serve? How are you going to serve them? The menu will be the first thing a visitor asks for after being seated. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to spend a considerable amount of time setting up the menu in detail. You will obviously need to buy good quality menu boards, as they go a long way in terms of presentation. Here are just some of the many things that you should include on the menu (apart from the names of the dishes, of course).


Unless you are running a buffet restaurant, it’s important to include the prices of all the dishes adjacent to the names of the dish. Nobody likes asking the waiter every few seconds just to learn the price of the dish. You might be surprised to know that many restaurants do not include the prices of the dishes on their menu. The menu should be divided into different categories, starting from the appetisers and then moving on to the main courses, the desserts, and finally beverages. Make sure you include the prices alongside each item. Also, it would be wise to include the prices inclusive of all taxes, so that customers know exactly how much money they will have to pay. Most people often set a budget before visiting any place, and including all-inclusive prices will make the whole experience considerably better for everyone involved.


If you are serving continental or international food in your restaurant, it might be a good idea to include a brief description at the bottom of every dish. Obviously, descriptions might lengthen the menu slightly, but at least they will make it easy for customers to decide what they want to eat. The key to creating a good menu is to make it as easy as possible for individuals to place orders. If you have a brief description of every dish, the customer won’t have to constantly ask the waiter to describe the dish before placing any orders. Many restaurants often have chef’s specials and in-house specialties that they name on their own. New customers won’t have a clue about what the dish is, or the ingredients, so it would be smart to include some small descriptions about each dish.