September 2016

Everything You Wanted to Know About Artisanal Food Subscriptions

Have you ever had a care package sent to you, filled with things only someone very close to you would know you like? That is the feeling that artisanal food subscriptions create. It’s the feeling of surprise you get when given a gift, plus a whole lot of fun. While food subscriptions began some time ago, it has taken off in a large way within the last couple of years. And it now appears to be a permanent fixture on the food horizon.

Here’s what you should know about them.

What are artisanal food subscriptions?

Gourmet food subscriptions are a way for you to get a select choice of little-known but well-made foods in a box. These kinds of subscriptions are frequently monthly, though some do offer an every-other-week shipment. You don’t get to choose what goes into the box. That is up to the taste of the subscription you have chosen. But expect to be wowed. Often, the selling point for these types of surprise boxes is that you’ll receive gourmet goods that are likely hard to source in your local area.

What type of subscription food boxes are there?

From a monthly snack box to boxes that source farm produce, just about all types of foods have been joining in on the fun. There are artisanal boxes for coffee lovers, bacon enthusiasts, Japanese food items, and so much more. There are also boxes that focus on products from a certain area, foods that are gluten-free, or intriguing foods for the vegetarian.

Why should you have a food subscription?

Are you a foodie at heart, but find it difficult to truly indulge yourself? You barely make it to the gym, let alone to your favorite food import store. Food subscriptions bring all the goodness straight to your door. And they surprise you each time. With each box being a little different, there is little chance you will get bored. There is no reason your taste buds should suffer when your work hours are exploding.

Food subscriptions are also a great way to keep healthy treats in your house. We all know what happens when people get busy. Our diet tends to turn toward the super processed junk- and fastfood options. But simply by ordering a food subscription, you can get nutritious snacks and foods delivered straight to you. With the assurance of the items being chosen with discernment and care.

It should not be surprising that food subscriptions also make for excellent birthday or holiday gifts. Sign up a loved one to receive a monthly box of their favorite thing. It will be the gift that kept on giving throughout the year. And just imagine, you could be the one to introduce them to their new favorite drink, snack, or food!

What are some good options for artisanal food subscriptions?

The options are pretty much limitless. Just think of what types of food you wish you had more of in your house, and start there. Do you want to source food that is cruelty free? Perhaps you have grown bored of the gluten-free selection at your supermarket and are looking for tastier options? Are you a Francophile and would love a box of treats from France? Maybe you are a busy mom, and you want to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks? Just do a search for the type of box you are interested in subscribing to and you will find an amazing amount of options.

As with all purchases you make, you should read the customer reviews to help narrow down your choices. Not all services are equal in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, so do your research. Because subscription services rely on you being satisfied with each shipment, for the most part you can expect a quality order. And if others have been fully satisfied with their experience, chances are you will be too.

Now Your Brain Can Be Sharper Than Ever For Real

Earlier there were many products launched just in the name of making profit. Claims were made that your mental abilities would improve drastically with these supplements but usually nothing happened. This is why many people started to avoid anything remotely related to improvement of focus or mind power. Many times the product was not even legal and could even have ill effects on the users. Then, with time came the really effective supplements that could help people realize their dream of becoming strong minded. Smartness is something that can have immense effect on the confidence of a person.

Focusing on target

People having the ultimate aim to be successful would go to any extent to achieve the same. Now it is much easier to have your mind concentrate on the things that you want to be good at like studies or sports. Overall growth of a person’s mind depends on how well he is able to challenge himself and create the incredible amount of focus. Nootriment can show you how with the help of completely safe and legal supplements for your brain a difference can be attained. Staying ahead of the peers is something one can be sure to get with the help of the right product. All the people who would be detail oriented in their regular tasks with complete focus on the target are sure to get it in time. Intelligence boosting medication did make it to the mainstream media yet many can’t believe due to several reasons. Commonly past failures with other products stops people from believing that something can actually work to make them have better IQ.

How to become smarter?

Supplements are something that is just breaking ground with so many new people every day. With more and more people opening up to be able to adapt a medication that enhances the mind. Basically, the thing is to keep your brain stronger and active which will make it act younger. A young mind is much powerful than an older one and will give results way better than others. So, a mind that is kept lively would do the best of things and have abilities beyond the wish of the person. Focus and memory power is the main function of the human brain that should be aimed to enhance overall performance. There are supplements now that are well made to capture the essence of neuroplasticity. To maintain this effect there is neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which is now available in the supplements making them mighty effective in creating stronger and sharper minds. Nootriment can be a good source of knowledge for the people looking for more information about supplements that can make you smarter.

Sharper cognitive ability is a must in today’s high paced world. In every walk of life you will see people who are extremely able with mental power incomparable and this is what differentiates them from the average person. To ensure that you are among those lucky few now there are means available just a click away.

Strategies for Developing Your Brand

You may have walked by places where there are a lot of street vendors. Whether the people are selling cheap watches or hot dogs, they seem to be hawking the same merchandise, saying the same things with similar signs up. You may wonder how a customer can possibly make a distinction between one street vendor and another. It’s natural that they are all hollering that they have the lowest prices because there doesn’t seem to be anything else that is distinctive about their products. As a result, they have to yell loudly and mark things down to move their merchandise.

The above scenario shows the difficulty of brandless marketing. The street vendors are not developing a brand but have to sell existing brands. Therefore, they can’t really say anything about their merchandise except that it is in very good condition and very cheap. If you are running a startup and are in the position of developing a brand, you have a significant advantage over the street vendors. You can go beyond simply saying your product is the least expensive and works efficiently, and can create entire essence around your product that makes it unique.

Being Unique

We are surrounded not only by street vendors, but virtual street vendors every time we check our email or Facebook wall. It seems that people are trying to sell us things everywhere we go. Developing a brand involves not just selling someone an item, but providing something deeper and more satisfying. The main thing to keep in mind when marketing products is addressing the question of what makes your product unique.

The answer to this question creates the foundation for your brand philosophy. What may be unique about your brand is that it is made of natural and organic ingredients. However, you need to take that a step further and answer the question of what makes your natural and organic product different from all other natural and organic products, and so on, until you identify the one or two things that make your product unique. Once you have identified that quality, you should emphasize it in the development of your brand

Anticipating Trends

You don’t have to be a psychic to figure out what’s on the horizon. You don’t even need to be the first one there, but can jump in on a trend early on if you see there are enough factors present to give it momentum. The healthy eating trend, for instance, has been around since the 1960s, but it has taken various forms. The popularity of tofu in the 80s was followed by an increasing awareness about organic food in the 90s. Veganism seemed like a new thing a few years ago, and now it is a way of life among millennials.

An astute brand developer stays aware of news and trends and can have an idea of where things are going, and this helps brand development. It was clear through the years that interest in healthy eating continued to grow and didn’t wane.

A David and Goliath Tale of Branding

The story of Hampton Creek illustrates how a new brand can overtake a traditional one because of shifting attitudes among consumers. Hampton Creek, the developer of the Just Mayo brand was hit with lawsuits by Unilever, who owns Hellmann’s real mayonnaise. Unilever claimed that Hampton Creek did not have the right to use the term “mayo” for its brand because its mayonnaise replacement did not have real eggs and could not be considered as mayo. The news could have damaged a small company that didn’t have a trend to support its brand. However, the public was much more interested in healthy eating than in old-fashioned mayonnaise, and as a result of the news story, more people became aware of the vegan mayonnaise alternative. This led to Just Mayo appearing in the aisles of supermarkets when before it was sold mainly in health food stores.

The Trend is Your Friend

When it comes to branding, regard the trend as your friend even if it doesn’t seem to be. If your product appears to be going the opposite direction of where the trend is going, then it may be time to diversify or to tweak your branding. Promoting a brand is much easier if the public is in the mood to accept it and it is a good idea to not only stay aware of trends but to anticipate where they’re going.