September 2017

Ingredients For The Perfect Ladies Luncheon

How many times a year do we ladies wish for a day out with the girls? From the time we reach adulthood, life is inundated with responsibility. Some of us become wives. Some brave the open waters of motherhood.

Others pursue the life long dream of fulfilling a need in the world by navigating our chosen career paths and there are those of us that find the strength and time to accomplish all of the above, at the same time.

The dreams of tea parties and fancy outings we had as little girls are seldom a thought any more, much less a tangible choice. Below is a blueprint for making that dream, at least in some part, a reality in the form of a luncheon. Afterall, a lady can lose herself living in a man’s world.  

The Perfect Setting

As little girls, the majority of us grew up with visions of Prince Charming stealing us away into the night to attend a magical ball that would change our life forever. Afterwards, we would talk while taking enchanting walks through beautiful, ornate gardens under a clear, starry sky and a brightly lit full moon. Why not take the chance to reproduce this setting?

Maybe you or one of your friends is a landscaping wiz. Use their talent to create a small paradise to have your luncheon in, whatever that might consist of for you and your girlfriends. There are also several spots nature has already carved out that will supply you with the mythical setting perfect for forgetting the burdensome cares of this world, as well, even if only for a little while.

The Perfect Food

In the time that the famed girlhood story of Cinderella existed, on her best day with her beloved prince, she may have had lentil soup, bread, and tea or fine wine. When catering your perfect ladies luncheon, the same care should be taken to provide a menu that will make your guests feel like the princesses they are.

Aesthetically, it would be a great idea to decorate your tables with brightly colored, edible fruits and vegetables. Not only will they add a brightness that will communicate the warmth of a fairytale getaway, they are healthy. Next, make sure that the main course announces to your guests how much they are valued by providing choices that are healthy as well as filling, but contain all the daintiness of a lady in waiting.

Lastly, put your best foot, or the shoeless one, forward in the presentation of a desert that is as sweet as the hearts of the ladies involved. The perfect catering service will not only listen, but go out of their way to make the menu perfectly fit the occasion.

The Perfect Attire

Now, in order to live out our childhood dreams of living happily ever after with Prince Charming, we would have to don some gorgeous apparel. Unfortunately, a dress fit for a princess in Cinderella’s day was also quite uncomfortable. Corsets are still around, but not the go to pick when dressing to impress.

To add to the dilemma, most of don’t come equipped with a fairy godmother and it takes about two hours to get that dolled up. Besides, it’s 2017 and we value being able to breathe when we dress up. So, depending on the season, wearing something as simple as a sundress and a beautiful, matching floppy sun hat with a comfortable pair of sandals is all you need to transport you and your girls back to the days of fairy tales and jump ropes.  

You and your girlfriends deserve a chance to reminisce about the dreams of childhood. Here’s wishing you a fairy tale ending to your next ladies luncheon.

Why Are Your Teeth Yellow?

When referring to yellow teeth we do not talk about an urgent dental condition but having yellow teeth will easily have negative effects on you. The good news is that in many cases improving tooth color is not that complicated. However, it is really important to understand what causes yellow teeth in order to whiten them. Here is why teeth are yellow, highlighting the most common causes.


This is the reason nobody wants to hear about but tooth color is running in the family. When a parent has yellow teeth, children can end up with a similar hue. Teeth that are normally white can easily be reddish gray, gray, reddish yellow and reddish brown.


If tooth enamel is thin, underneath dentin will start to show. Dentin has a deep yellow towards brownish color. In many cases teeth appear to be yellow because of having thin enamel. When this is the case, the solution is looking online to see how to increase enamel thickness. Various articles on health blogs like Health Annotation can offer such information.

Tooth Wear

As you are aging teeth will become yellow because enamel is wearing away due to chewing and being exposed to acids coming from drinks and food. This is the most common cause of having yellow teeth. However, if the person is younger, tooth wear is usually not the case. A trip to the dentist is necessary.


The nicotine that comes from smoking will do a lot more than getting you addicted. It will leave surface stains on teeth of a brownish or yellowish color. This is just one of the many reasons why smoking should not be a habit for you.

Foods And Drinks

There are various different foods that are going to stain your teeth. The common examples include curry spices, berries and pasta sauce tomatoes. They include pigments that are going to cling to your tooth’s enamel, this staining surface. Even if you just eat a salad and add some balsamic vinegar you can end up with teeth of unsightly color.

When referring to drinks, the two common culprits causing yellow teeth are tea and coffee. You should also know that the same thing happens when you consume white or red wine. Sodas that are dark and sports drinks that include artificial flavoring have to be absolutely avoided.


Fluoride is really good for your teeth but if it is present in excess spots of a brownish yellow or yellow color will appear. This practically means that you want to be careful when using fluoridated water, prescribed fluoride tablets and fluoride toothpaste. The dentist should be contacted in order to discuss the appropriate dosage in order to avoid the appearance of yellow teeth caused by fluorosis.

Avoid Having Yellow Teeth

At the end of the day, what is very important is to go to the dentist for regular checkups. The conversation you have with him will help you to easily see what can be done and prevent the appearance of yellow teeth. Prevention is always more important than treatment in this case.

How To Eat Healthy When Living In Dorms With No Kitchen

The life of a college student is hit with numerous roadblocks whenever thinking about healthy eating. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deal with everything that happens and the really long schedules. One of the common roadblocks is experienced by those college students that live in dorms since most of them do not have a kitchen that can be used and the money necessary for eating out is a lot.

Students that live in dorms that have no kitchen normally do one of the following things:

  • Buy meal plans
  • Eat out for every single meal
  • Only eat fast food or similar

Every single one of these options is bad as creating a great nutrition plan in such circumstances is close to impossible. You cannot think about advanced nutrition factors like moon phase role in weight loss when you want to follow a great diet and cannot cook most of the meals. Fortunately, there are different highly affordable things that you can consider, including the following ideas.

Cooking Someplace Else On Campus

The fact that there is no kitchen present in the dorm room does not mean that you do not have access to a kitchen. Ask around and see where you can cook on campus. Work out the schedule and take advantage of the kitchen by doing activities around that.

Residence Halls With Community Kitchens

A kitchen is normally present for every single hall or for a building with the purpose of sharing. In many cases these are going to be ill-stocked and will be a little dirty but you can definitely utilize them. Just check out all the options that are available so you choose the best possible kitchen.

A Sink And A Stove Is More Than Enough

You do not need a huge kitchen in order to do all the cooking you need. Buy utensils and pans to then store in the dorm room. Take these to the kitchen whenever you are interested in cooking. Alternatively, you can easily add a portable stove in your room. Just be sure the smell does not bother you and the colleague.

Take Advantage Of A Microwave Oven

It is always possible to buy food that is healthy and that can be made inside the microwave oven. Most people instantly think about mini pizzas and sandwiches when they consider microwave uses but this is definitely not the case. Much better options are including frozen chicken breast, frozen vegetable steamer bags, eggs and frozen fruits. Obviously, getting the nutrition you need from microwave options is not the best possible solution but you can easily make this work for you. Also, having a space-savvy instant pot might also work best for you.


At the end of the day, there are no excuses that are good enough when you want to eat healthy and you live in a dorm room without a kitchen. The options above are those that are very good but do be sure that you keep a close eye on the different possibilities that could arise. You can easily have a healthy nutrition plan as a college student.

Ingredient Suppliers Are Following Food Market Trends

People change their thoughts about food constantly, and ingredient suppliers need to be aware of these cultural ebbs and flows. Consumers have changed their opinions on dietary elements like salt, sugar, fat, eggs, and more over the years. Ingredient suppliers have to be on top of these market trends to keep consumers happy with what’s on their plate.

Checking The Market Trends

Ingredient suppliers have to be aware of all the food market trends in order to appease customers’ choices. For example, the experienced ingredient supplier CCC Ingredients researches the food market and globally sources innovative ingredients to match consumer needs. They have adapted their portfolio to accommodate food trends dealing with dietary restrictions, sugar alternatives and GMOs.

Dietary Restrictions

Ingredient suppliers must comply with the flux of dietary restrictions that Canadians have. Whether consumers are following these restrictions for their health or for personal beliefs, ingredient suppliers need to keep them satisfied. Some examples of dietary restrictions that are present in the market include: gluten-free diets; low-fat, low-sugar, or low-carb diets; vegetarianism; and veganism.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity in North America, which means that alternative ingredients need to be offered. Vegetarian diets can include animal products, so compromises and alternatives are not as difficult to find. Vegan diets are more restrictive, requiring no animal products whatsoever, including eggs, dairy, and sometimes even honey. One of the most important alternatives for vegans and vegetarians is protein, which is typically found in animal products or by-products. Check out the ingredient portfolio at to see examples of meat-free proteins like pea protein, rice protein and soy protein.

Sugar Alternatives

With the average consumer becoming more health conscious, there is more demand for alternatives to traditional refined white sugar. The challenge has been to keep food products flavourful and delicious, while accommodating consumer desires. Ingredient suppliers are offering natural sweeteners as white sugar alternatives, like coconut sugar and stevia. Stevia is considered an excellent sweetener for people looking to lose weight or who are suffering with diabetes.

Non-GMO Products

It’s clear that consumers are concerned about health and wellness when it comes to their food. There has been a recent rise of distrust towards GMO products, so suppliers are putting their efforts in creating non-GMO ingredients. Consumers want natural, organic products that don’t feel nutritionally tampered or altered like a GMO (genetically modified organism). Suppliers have been releasing Non-GMO products with clean-labels to show they understand their consumers’ desires to be comfortable with what they eat.

The rapid changes in consumer diets have challenged ingredient suppliers to keep an eye on food market trends and to keep evolving their products. Suppliers have included protein alternatives on their portfolio to appeal to vegan and vegetarian consumers. They have added different sweeteners for those who want to avoid refined white sugar and be mindful of their health. They have also given products clean-labels to prove they are naturally sourced and not genetically-modified. Ingredient suppliers are finding new ways to appeal to their consumers, so that everyone is pleased with what they eat.


A Giant Leap Up From Just Cooking

When you want to make your meals, you learn how to cook. But, when you want to take that next giant step forward, that’s when you have some exciting decisions that you can make about your culinary pursuits.

If you’re done with just cooking, you can potentially do things like buy a restaurant, learn how to be a chef, learn the essence of food science on a more detailed level, or take formal classes where you can take your skills to the next level. Most people can just cook. A far smaller percentage of individuals are willing to put time, money, and energy to go to that next level.

Buying a Restaurant

If you want to make some money, or want to mix the idea of food with the idea of business, then you’re going to be looking into buying a restaurant. If you have the capital to do it, and a business plan that makes sense, the more confidently you jump in, the better you’re going to do. If you know someone else who has successfully navigated the foodservice or restaurant industries, they will definitely be able to give you some pointers about what works and what doesn’t.

Being a Chef

Beyond simple food preparation, you can spend the rest of your life learning to be a chef. If you think about the difference between having someone with average cooking ability prepare your meal, and then the experience of having a chef do it for you, then you begin to understand the benefits of approaching food from that higher perspective. If you want to be that person who creates a meal experience for others, then learning how to be a chef is going to have to be in your repertoire.

Learning Food Science

Then you can also get into food science. Whereas a lot of cooks and chefs understand the science behind food from a practical standpoint, there’s something to be said for looking into the technical details. As you research food science, you’ll see that a lot of things that you are aware of anecdotally make sense on an organic and chemical level as well.

Taking Classes

In the middle ground between the extremes of cooking knowledge would be if you chose to take some cooking classes. These classes might be through a community college or college program of some sort, or you might have someone locally that’s willing to put on some event. Any way that you do it, when you go into a cooking class, you will typically have a lot of extra individual attention and equipment that are available to you. They may be somewhat expensive, but the benefits are worth it.

Foods That Will Increase Your Appetite

There are different reasons why you do not want to eat, ranging from stress to illness. The big problem in most situations is that you end up losing weight without you wanting this. The problem is that there are no foods that are actually going to make you want to eat a lot more. When struggling, what should be done is to change your entire diet, no matter what dining etiquette rules you want to respect. This is why you want to consider the following as your goal is to increase appetite.

Nutrient-Rich Foods

If appetite is small, you want to eat the foods that you enjoy and that pack in various different calories. Sweet treats and fast food will be what is often considered but a much better idea is to consume high-calorie foods that are healthy. That is going to prevent your weight loss as you get the nutrients the body requires. Some of the options that you can consider include avocados, sweet potatoes, dried fruit, bananas, vegetables, corn and peas. If you want extra protein, add cheese, eggs, nuts and hummus. In the grain group you want to consider the whole-grain breads, quinoa and grape nuts.

Eat More Often

Many people today are breakfast skippers because of the lack of time but this is a really bad idea. You want to be sure that you eat your breakfast and then you increase how many meals you eat throughout the day. Even if you initially eat the same amount spread over different meals, eventually you are going to eat more. Try to focus on a substantial breakfast that packs in calories and that you keep the meals small. Eating more often is going to improve intake as the appetite is waning.

Drink Calories If Appetite Is Small

In many situations the calories are going to go down much easier if you choose them as beverages. Some of the great choices are whole milk and 100% fruit juice. Alternatively, you want to consider a high calorie smoothie with fruits. It is much healthier than what you often consider. Just take one smaller banana, mix it with 1 peanut butter tablespoon and some milk. The result is a smoothie of around 300 calories. Other healthy fruit smoothie recipes can be found online. You can also consider buying some nutrition supplement drinks. Most of them have around 350 calories and can be a good source of healthy protein while including minerals and vitamins.

Food Boosters

If you do not have appetite, all calories are important. This is where the calorie boosters can step in to help you out by adding some concentrated calories to your nutrition. Many high-calorie mixes are possible, mainly included gravy, milk powder, nut butter, butter and oil. Veggies can be sauté in quality olive oil and the favorite grains can be tossed in. It is also a good idea to add some butter to bread, veggies and potatoes as a very strong and tasty calorie booster. Even dried nuts and fruits can be very good when added to yogurt and hot cereal.


Wine-Can Chicken: The Perfect Summer Meal

If you’re hosting a backyard party on a beautiful day in August, you want to be drinking with your friends, playing bocce ball and having a good time, not fussing over a meal that requires an elaborate preparation. Hiring reliable event staffing services in Toronto is one way to free yourself up and hang with your friends (whether it’s a lone bartender or a full on catering staff); another way is to prep a meal that is reasonably straightforward to cook and serve. Beer-can chicken is the perfect example of this meal: you simply massage the chicken with oil, rub it down with spices, plop it on a half-empty beer can and throw it on the barbecue. An alternate version of this that we’ll explore today is a slightly more sophisticated cousin: wine-can chicken.

Wine-can chicken requires a very simple substitution, adding just one super quick step to the process. You pour out the beer you were going to use in a glass (you should probably drink it, or give it to a friend) and then pour a few ounces of wine into the can instead, before affixing the chicken to it. The key principle behind beer-can chicken is that the can of beer on the grill heats up and steams the chicken as it is cooking, infusing it with flavor and keeping it moist.

There are certainly some haters on the Internet who argue that this is an ineffective and silly way to cook a chicken, but results speak for themselves, and anyone who has ever competently cooked a chicken in this method knows that the end product is frigging delicious. Your instincts in this scenario might be to use white wine to cook the chicken (since fowl is typically paired with white wines), however, richer wines such as Malbec, Zinfandel or Cab Franc complement BBQ chicken much better, balancing the smokiness.

As for the seasoning, fret not, it is incredibly simple. You’ll want to set aside a bowl and mix salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and cayenne in it and then rub this mixture all over the chicken once it’s been massaged with oil. Make sure to use lots of salt, as this helps the skin crisp up, and definitely make sure to wash your hands once you’re done handling the chicken.

An excellent accompaniment to this meal is barbecued corn. Like the chicken, it is incredibly unfussy to prepare: you place the corn on the grill in its husk and cook it for 20-30 minutes. Within its husk the corn steams naturally as well, and even if you forget about it and leave it on for a very long time, it is extremely difficult to burn, overcook it, or dry it out.

Finally, you’ll probably want some sort of vegetable as well, perhaps a refreshing summer salad to balance out the richness of the grilled food. A Greek salad with feta and olives can serve quite nicely in this scenario, but since you worked so hard on the chicken and corn, you may want to call on friends to bring the salad.


Four Dinner Ideas For A Romantic Night In

You don’t have to go all the way to a restaurant in order to have a romantic dinner for two— you can bring the romance into your own dining-room and surprise your partner with a meal that will make their heart melt. Here are some simple steps to preparing the perfect dinner for a romantic night in.

Setting The Mood

Set up your dining-room so that your partner feels like they’ve been transported to a restaurant without stepping a foot outside your home. Clean up any clutter left on the table, the chairsor the floor, and put out your best table settings. Add finishing touches to the table, like a lush bouquet of flowers in a vase or rows of lit candles to make the atmosphere feel more intimate.

Break Out The Bubbly

There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than breaking out the bubbly. Pour a glass of chilled champagne or prosecco before starting on any dinner courses. If you really want to impress your partner, you can make a glamorous cocktail with the sparkling wine. The refreshing vintage cocktail French 75 is made from a combination of gin, sugar, sparkling wine and freshly squeezed lemon. Remember to garnish the drinks with a curled lemon or orange peelto really give them a professional touch.

Dazzle With Dinner

Unless you’re a trained chef, it’s difficult to make dishes look like they came out of a high-end restaurant, but there are ways to make a simple look and taste incredible. Using fresh seafood in your meals is an easy trick to bring high-end flavor to your dining-room. For an extravagant take on a salad course, make a delicate and delicious lobster salad with champagne dressing. For an elegant entrée, sear scallops on an iron skillet then toss them into boiled pasta — pappardelle, linguine or spaghetti are good choices for noodles — then top it off with olive oil and fresh herbs. Order the seafood directly for your date-night with Lobster Anywhere and go to their website for delicious recipes to prepare your orders.

Split Some Dessert

If you feel confident in your cooking abilities and want to show off your chef skills, you can delight your partner with desserts like soufflés, mousses or homemade truffles. If you aren’t confident in the kitchen, have no fear— chocolate fondue is a dessert that is just as delicious as any complicated dessert and it’s simple to put together. Remember to use premium chocolate for the mixture and high-quality ingredients for dipping, like artisanal marshmallows in place of discount-brand marshmallows. Set up an assortment treats for dipping like fresh strawberries, pitted cherries, banana slices and marshmallows on a plate right beside the fondue set.


If you follow these four steps to plan a romantic night in, your partner is sure to be surprised and delighted. Set up the dining-room with vases of flowers and rows of candles, like you have aprivate bistro in your own home. Treat the night like a special occasion and pour out glasses of Champagne and French 75s. Start off your dinner by feastingon fresh seafood and finish it bysharing a pot of rich chocolate fondue. With a little bit of preparation, you can take your partner on a wonderfully romantic date without leaving your front door.