November 2017

4 Ways Busy CMOs Can Stay Fit with a Grueling Schedule

The job responsibilities of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) are increasing and expanding as technology advances, creating a position that requires stressful, nonstop work. This type of demanding schedule can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Long hours in the office, extended travel and constantly glued to a computer or mobile device often make fitness take a backseat to all things business related. As busy as CMOs are, it’s not impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below are four easy ways to remain fit while dealing with a busy schedule.

  1. Prioritize Healthy Eating

It’s easy to make excuses for not going to the gym every day, but there is really no excuse for not eating healthy with so many convenient healthy eating options available today. Companies like HealthyYOU Vending eliminate the need to leave the workplace to eat healthy by offering healthy meals, drinks and snacks.

Eating healthy energizes you. Instead of three standard meals, try to eat six smaller, protein-packed meals to stabilize your blood sugars and keep your metabolism cranking throughout the day.

When it comes to snacking, keep some fruit or nuts in your desk. Grabbing a candy bar is an easy option, but sugar crashes can have a negative impact on performance.  Simply cutting out soda and fast food can have a drastic and positive impact on your health.

Take small steps toward improving your diet and over time the results will add up.

  1. Eliminate All Excuses

Saying you are too busy to focus on health and fitness is just an excuse. Excuses like, “I’m too busy this week or month—I’ll start next month,” are the easy way out. Waking up early to go to the gym or spending an hour in the kitchen prepping healthy meals for the week are just two ways you can truly live a healthier life.

Work is a priority, yes, but without your health, you have nothing. Just as you must throw out all excuses for not meeting and exceeding work-related goals, you should toss out all excuses for not living a more fit life.

Putting fitness and health on the backburner won’t do any good for you or your career, so make a promise to yourself that you will stop making excuses and take action.

  1. Establish a Daily Routine

The best way to eliminate excuses is to create a daily healthy routine and sticking with it. Most CMOs understand how important structure is within a company, and that same approach and way of thinking should carry into living a healthy lifestyle.
If you are a morning person, get up an hour earlier to exercise; focus on your health before you deal with anything work-related. You’ll have energy to focus on the demands of your job.

A consistent routine is key to success, whether you’re home or on the road. Hotels all have gyms, so there is no reason to not follow your routine every single day. For travel days, pack a protein bar, fruits and nuts to prevent unhealthy choices at the airport.

  1. Get Adequate Rest Every Night

While marketing never sleeps, a CMO must get at least seven to eight hours a night. Adequate rest is required to function at a high level, both physically and mentally, so make it a point to get quality rest every single night. A survey of 3,200 American workers conducted by CareerBuilder found that only 16 percent of respondents claimed to get adequate sleep every night.

One easy way to get better sleep is to disconnect from your computer and mobile device at least an hour before bed. Replying to emails and working on company projects will leave your brain working overtime, making it hard to get to sleep.

Foods That Are Proven To Make You Happy

Have you ever heard the expression Happy As A Clam? Have you ever wondered why clams were happy? It has to do with the vitamins and minerals found in them! Here are some foods that contain those certain nutrients that are known for altering our brain chemistry and releases what are known as happy chemicals. There are four chemicals or officially known as neurotransmitters that work together to create the sensation that we know as happiness. They are called Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Each has a unique function in our overall feeling of happiness.


There’s a reason why clambakes are such festive occasions! Clams contain a lot of Vitamin B12. Why is that important? Vitamin B12 is one of many substances that is used in the formation of dopamine and serotonin. For those who don’t like eating full clams, even canned clams or chopped clams found in New England Chowder can give you a little boost of Vitamin B12. And if you don’t like clams, you can get your Vitamin B12 from other fish, dairy products or fortified cereal.


Walnuts, tree nuts and other seeds contain a lot of alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. There have been studies that show when people have low levels of ALA that the production of serotonin and dopamine decreases, meaning you don’t make enough of your happy chemicals. Low levels of ALA also cause inflammation throughout the body and has been linked to depression. Grabbing a few handful of nuts a day can ensure that your body is producing the right amount of chemicals a day!


After a big Thanksgiving meal, we complain that the Tryptophan (the amino acid found in poultry) is causing us to fall asleep. But, research has shown that Tryptophan levels have a direct correlation between serotonin levels. As one level decreases the other decreases and vice versa. If you’re not a huge fan of turkey, you can get Tryptophan is several other foods including eggs, salmon, and tofu.


Bring out the avocados and make that guacamole because it’s time for a fiesta! Avocados contain an amino acid called Tyrosine. Tyrosine stimulates the brain to release dopamine and norepinephrine (an endorphin) making you feel more alert and increases cognitive thinking. Other ways to get Tyrosine include yogurt, bananas, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

The next time you are planning a family dinner or a dinner party, knowing which foods trigger happy chemicals is a medical and somewhat sneaky way to ensure that your friends and relatives are having a good time!

Tourist Trap: Magic Time Machine in San Antonio, Texas

One of the things that I pride myself on is trying restaurants all over the country. I am usually very good at researching restaurants and finding the hidden gems or the highest rated 5-star restaurants. But occasionally, there’s a cosmic gaff and I end up falling for the dreaded tourist trap. What is a tourist trap? According to Wikipedia, a tourist trap is a form of entertainment whose sole purpose it to garner the attention of out of towners or tourists. And that’s exactly what Magic Time Machine is in San Antonio, Texas.

As someone from New York City, I am no stranger when it comes to being entertained while eating. Ellen’s Stardust Diner is the epitome of a tourist trap in NYC. And I walked right into San Antonio’s equivalent. Magic Time Machine’s unique selling point is the fact that you are served by iconic celebrities from yesteryear or famous characters. There are several different rooms with different themes. And depending on where you sit, will depend on who might be serving you. Luckily for me, we sat at the Sweethearts table and had Rapunzel as our waitress.

Unlike Ellen’s where they at least sing show tunes, the waitress’s requirements were to only act like the character. She did the best she could, but since we went on a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was jammed pack with children and we barely saw her throughout the night. The entire point of the restaurant is to interact with the characters.

Magic Time Machine has several locations but the one in San Antonio seems like it hasn’t been updated in about 20 years. And not in the sense that the pop culture was outdated, but in the sense that perhaps they haven’t cleaned this place since 1990. The decor was retro in the sense that it was actually used back in the day. Everything needs a serious cleaning as the smell of mildew and dust makes the salad bar not so appealing. Nevermind the brown lettuce in the salad bar.

Now that I am done picking apart the decor and service, let’s talk about the most important part; the meal. Based on the reviews that I read online, I had to get the prime rib. To those people, I ask them: Why? This is Texas! I expect my meat and potatoes to be a little bit better than what was served. For $29.99 I got a 16 oz prime rib, mashed potatoes and I splurged and spent 3 extra dollars on mushrooms and onions. The potatoes and mushrooms and onions were cold. The steak was way overcooked. Everybody knows that medium rare is standard. My medium rare was a medium well. And I hate overcooked meat.

Moral of the story: If you are traveling to San Antonio, please do not bother to come here. You will pay way too much money for mediocre food and bad service, just to see waiters dres up in costume. Do yourself a favor and go to Chili’s across the loop. At least they don’t overcook their steak!