December 2017

Food Delivery Services Are Changing How We Eat

In the twenty-first century, how we purchase food is changing rapidly, and growth of thefood delivery business has sent shockwaves out through the food industry. This isn’t only because it is shaking up moribund business models; the food delivery business is also changing the way Canadians think about where their food comes from. Because of the growing desire for convenient, locally sourced food, more and more consumers are turning away from traditional shopping patterns to embrace innovative solutions that bring ethical consumption together with 21st century flexibility.

Over the past couple of years, the overarching trend in eating is local and fresh foods. As processed foods are being crossed off the grocery lists of people of all ages, background, and income brackets, a groundswell of new producers is coming forward to meet their needs. But while many Canadians are now familiar with the idea that they can have fresh produce delivered to them, especially during the summer months, it is only recently that consumers across large markets like Ontario have been able to order meat online (those who want to learn more about how to buy meat online should visit the truLOCAL website for more info).

One of the barriers to online meat delivery, of course, has been ensuring the safety and freshness of the product — steaks, unlike cabbages, need to be refrigerated to avoid spoilage, and it is only recently that a service program that is capable of offering frozen meat delivery to your door has arisen to address these concerns. Advances in technology and logistics have allowed companies on the leading edge of the industry to provide their customers with a wide range of choice in terms of what they want, and flexibility around how they want it delivered to them.

Say you’re organizing a dinner party for later this week. You’re planning on heading to your favourite butcher on the way home from work tomorrow, but at the last minute you get called into a meeting. An excellent opportunity has opened up to generate more business with a major client — but it means you’ll be burning the midnight oil for the next couple of days. With an online service that offers next day online meat delivery, you can pull the extra hours confident that afresh steak delivery will be sitting on your doorstep on the day you need it.

But consumers don’t only rely on such services for last-minute special deliveries. Any company operating in a place like Ontario knows that in order to stay competitive, it has to anticipate the needs of a diverse cross-section of customers. Younger buyers especially expect companies to be flexible, which is why delivery services are offering their customers the freedom to develop their own packages tailor-made to suite their lifestyle. Whether it’s frozen chicken home delivery one week and fresh beef delivery to their office the next, delivery services need to be able to adapt to their customers’ needs. This is why Ontarians can now get meat delivered not only to their door, but to their place of work as well.

There is no doubt that as technology improves, shopping will become even more seamless. How we eat may have changed a lot in the past decade, but the constant remains that customers increasingly want a shopping experience that changes to adapt to their lives, rather than needing to organize their lives around the way they shop.  

It’s Time To Renovate that Kitchen!

You want to be a better cook. You want to be a happier person in your home. You want to get better at all things related to food. That means it’s time to renovate that kitchen! And the sooner you start planning, the sooner you can get around to making those results happen.

Consider getting a home improvement loan to start your kitchen process. Do some research to see what kinds of kitchens have been showcased in magazines or online. Decide how much of your remodel is going to be do-it-yourself. And then think about the fact that your kitchen renovation isn’t just for you, it’s also an investment in the value of your home.

Getting a Loan

Renovating your kitchen is not going to be a cheap process. That means you may need to get a home improvement loan. As long as you have decent credit, this should be a problem. If there are issues with your credit, then you may have to decide how much of an interest rate you’re willing to accept depending on where you get the loan from. Decide what significant things need that finishing touch, and then figure out your budget from there.

Researching Amazing Kitchens

If you need inspiration about what you want your kitchen to look like, check out kitchen showcases that are available in magazines or online. There are absolutely spectacular examples of what you can do with the kitchen area. And this is for any size cooking area in any type of a home. Obviously, you’re probably not going to be able to have the same exact things as someone with a million-dollar mansion, but you can at least pull some inspiration from the way that people have their culinary attitudes organized.

How Much To DIY

For major construction, you probably want to hire a contractor. However, for the smaller customizations, you can do some kitchen DIY projects. There are a ton of low-cost, low effort, high creativity projects that you can do that will really give your kitchen the feel and flavor that you want. The good thing about doing DIY work is that it’s personalized to the degree that will always make you happy with the results. It will always be unique.

Renovations as Investment

And you’re not just renovating your kitchen to make it a better place for you. If you do an excellent job with it, it can drastically improve the value of your home. It might even be a selling point if you’ve done everything particularly well. The right family may come in and say that it’s the most fantastic kitchen they’ve ever seen, and they can work with the rest of the house to make it fit what they want as well. But it’s the kitchen that got them hooked.

6 Super-Fast Ways Busy People Can Eat Healthy

If the last time you saw a delicious-looking, balanced meal was on your favourite celebrity chef’s Instagram page, then it’s time to do something about it. Eating healthy should be high on your priority list, even if your schedule is packed 24/7. With these super-fast ways to eat healthy, you can be the healthiest busy person you know.

Hydrate on the go

Love it or hate it, water is a crucial part of good health and whether you feel thirsty or not, you should be drinking enough water. However, when you are hopping from meeting to meeting, it’s easy to forget to drink some water.

Consider having a water cooler in the office to make it easier to hydrate. Start carrying water with you so you have no excuse not to drink. If you invest in a quality water bottle that you’d love to take with you anywhere, you can easily triple the amount of water you drink in a day.

Also, there are useful apps to track water intake available online. They can help you track the number of glasses you take and you can set reminders to tell you to drink more water throughout your day.

Use grocery delivery services

Shopping for groceries can be time consuming, with the lists you have to make, standing in line to make payments and dragging your purchases home. Grocery delivery services help you get more of your time back by outsourcing your weekly shopping to someone else.

Just imagine all the fresh and juicy ingredients you need to prepare enough healthy meals for a week right at your doorstep. The benefits are too many to count – you’d no longer have to deal with the crowded, long lines; and you’ll avoid the temptation to pick up stuff you don’t need or stuff you shouldn’t be eating.

With an affordable online grocery delivery service, you never have to set foot in a store. This means more time to work, more time to enjoy your family, and even a little time to take off for yourself.

Start meal prepping

Meal prepping has become hugely popular of late, which must have something to do with the fact that it saves time and money, and ensures you follow a healthy meal plan.

With your busy schedule, the best thing you can do is prepare your snacks and meals ahead of time. Meal prepping is more than just eating healthy or looking fit. It gives you the freedom to make any decision about what you want to eat without thinking about where or when you’ll get the food – since you already have it.

This saves you time and energy that you can put towards doing other important like your career, family or relationship. One top tip for successful meal prepping is to get quality plastic containers. They should be durable so that you can freeze your meals and pick them up on your way out the door.

Prepare or buy grab-and-go snacks

Many busy professionals, including entrepreneurs, investment bankers and travel nurses, swear by grab-and-go snacks. Changes in schedule or delays are inevitable, and you could forget to eat lunch on some days. If there’s nothing readily available to snack on at the office, you may find yourself struggling to ignore your hunger pangs for hours, or eyeing the closest vending machine.

No matter how long you plan to stay out, always ensure you have healthy snack options such as protein or nut bars, fruits, granola bars, unsweetened dried fruit, and so on. You could grab a slice of pizza, but an emergency snack supply is a better and healthier option, and ensures there is always something to eat.

Eating healthy snacks every three hours will steady your blood sugar, and lower the need to gorge yourself when it is time for your next meal.

Own a crock-pot

A crock-pot is also known as a slow cooker, but don’t be discouraged by the deceptive moniker; it is one of the greatest multi-tasking tools you can own in your kitchen, and a dream come true for any busy person. With a simple touch of a button and a few ingredients, you can be serving a gourmet meal in no time. Just throw a chicken in there, top with your favourite spices and you’re good to go. It really is that simple.

With a crockpot, you can make anything from chicken dips to lasagnas, butternut squash soup and even hot fudge sundae!  If you don’t own a crockpot, take this as a big recommendation to get one online right now. It’s a great investment since you’ll be using it over and over again.

There are tons of delicious crockpot recipes for busy people to get you started on healthy meals cooked just in time. Oh, and did we mention that it can cook your food while you sleep?

Take supplements

Work and other life stressors, in addition to the high prevalence of environmental toxins and poor soil quality, mean that you may not be getting appropriate nutrients in your diets. Therefore, the best way to achieve a good nutritional profile is by taking the right supplements.

A good quality multivitamin/ mineral is essential, in addition to probiotic supplementation. If you are dealing with stress, or want to improve your metabolism and immune system, a B-complex vitamin is a good choice. Omega 3 and fish oil supplements are great for boosting brain function, smoothening digestion, lowering stress and controlling appetite.

Start by understanding your diet and your nutrients intake. A registered nutritionist can provide you with the information you need about your nutritional profile. When it comes to taking supplements, each person is unique and needs a specially designed supplementation plan in order to stay healthy.

It’s possible to fit self-prepared healthy meals into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. You simply have to make it a priority. Make time every day to put yourself first by ensuring you can constantly have ready meals when you need it. You’ll see results and know that it is worth all the effort and time for your health and well-being.

Check Out These Great Restaurants in San Diego

There’s a lot about San Diego that makes it one of the greatest cities in the United States. From it’s beautiful weather and beaches to the rich cultural diversity, there’s something for everyone here. If you’re trying to avoid getting a sunburn or tired after a long day of museum hopping, do yourself a favor and explore the city’s vibrant gastronomy scene.


Pisco Rotisserie & Cevichería For the 6th year in a row, the World Travel Awards named Peru the World’s Leading Culinary Destination. For those of us who don’t have any vacation days left for a Peruvian excursion, taking a trip down to Liberty Station to visit the neighborhood’s newest restaurant will help us get our ceviche fix. The menu, designed by executive chef Emmanuel Piqueras, places emphasis on traditional ingredients and preparation with a modern, culturally-infused twist. For a truly authentic experience, try the national favorites ceviche, pollo a la brasa, or arroz con pollo accompanied by a tangy Pisco Sour.


Eddie V’s – One of the things that makes this city so wonderful is that it’s located along the Pacific Coast, making it one of the country’s top seafood destinations. The atmosphere at this Seaport District restaurant is unmatched, with a sophisticated dining experience and frequent live jazz performances, all while enjoying the freshest seafood enhanced by the fresh salty sea air.  


Bertrand At Mister A’s – If you’re looking to dine in style with a fantastic view of downtown San Diego, this place is an absolute must. The critically acclaimed rooftop restaurant located at Fifth Avenue & Laurel is one of the best places to get brunch, have a few cocktails with friends, or watch the sunset over the skyline. Try the Traditional Seafood Paella or the Gorgonzola Crusted Prime Beef Fillet paired with their Blood Orange and Blackcurrant Sangria.


The Kettle Room – You’ll find this restaurant nestled inside Ballast Point Brewing Company’s Little Italy location, where they’ve created an intimate and eclectic dining experience that pairs cuisine and expertly crafted beer. This place is reservation only, and features a chef’s whim, prix-fixe menu at $55 per person, ensuring you have a unique and innovative dining and drinking experience.


El Agave – San Diego is just a stone’s throw away from the Mexican border, making it one of the best places in the country for authentic Mexican cuisine. Located in the historic Old Town, this restaurant features the largest collection of Tequila in the United States and features it’s own house brand Tequila Agave Artesanal. Try the Quesadillas del Pueblo or Chalupas de Langosta and try to narrow down your choice of tequila.


iDessert – Still hungry? Located in Little Italy, this new dessert joint allows you to get creative and actually design your own sundae, crepe, or milkshake with house made gelatos, sorbets, and cakes. Submit your design at the iPad station and feel like you’re truly living in the future when an employee hands you your custom dessert, complete with dry ice smoke, a few minutes later. Don’t forget to snap a picture for your Instagram feed like a true millennial.


While these aren’t the only restaurants you can try out in the vast city of San Diego, these are a great place to start if you’re looking for a unique dining experience in the sunny seaside city. Cheers!

How to Enjoy Sweets and Treats on a Healthy Diet

Yes, we said the ‘D’ word and the ’S’ word in the same sentence. Afraid? Don’t be! The most important part of any diet is the mental relationship that you have with food. There is no such thing as the perfect diet that will send your fat cells packing and give you the perfect body. Why? Because there is no one food that makes you ‘fat’ and no single food that makes you ‘thin’.

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The important thing is to understand that everything begins in the mind. Does this mean that you can stuff yourself with nice treats all the time and expect to be healthy? Of course not! But it does mean that you’re allowed to have that delicious treat every now and then. And dessert is definitely on the cards!

Simple guidelines to a successful healthy diet – with treats included – are below:

  • Everything in moderation.
  • Change your view towards food. All food is equal and if you’re going to hate what you’re eating then the ‘diet’ is doing more harm than good to your body.
  • If you want something sweet make sure that you opt for treats that are made with finely sought ingredients that have a feel-good effect on your mind. Sea salt caramels from McCrea’s are a perfect treat throughout your ‘diet’. They are made by award winning masters and only use the finest ingredients, making this a real treat for your body. They’re small enough to not overindulge by eating one or two when you get your sugar craving and at the same time, they’re really good for you, both mentally and physically.
  • We all know the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well this is absolutely true. If you’re going to put fast food and cheap thrill foods into your body that is exactly what you will be getting out. If you choose the healthier but still delicious foods, then your mind and body will find a perfect balance and create a perfect equilibrium for you to steadily lose the pounds and feel great!
  • Remember to always affirm the positive. Your diet is successful! You will reach your goal weight. You look incredible. Never affirm the negative such as, I am not fat. Why? Because the subconscious does not ‘read’ negative words such as ‘not’, ‘can’t’ etc. So, what you are affirming when you say ‘I am not fat’ is actually ‘I am fat’, and our mind does exactly what we tell it to do. This means that you will be programming your body to gain pounds instead of losing them.
  • Remember you’re perfect exactly the way that you are. If you would like to sculpt your body and fine tune it, that’s great but a positive mind first, then a definite self love, and then of course couple it with a healthy vision.

One last interesting thing to remember is this, the word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek diaita which actually means, ‘a way of life’. And who can live without delicious treats for the rest of their lives? Definitely not me!