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History of The Boiled Peanut

If you live in the south, then you know that Boil P-Nuts (Boiled Peanuts) is a true delicacy. Popular throughout the Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama, this dish dates back to the Civil War.  Boiled peanuts are nuts that are put into a vat of salt water and heated over a fire. The outer shell becomes soggy and releases flavor into the nut. They are a delicacy because boiled peanuts do not last very long only 3-4 days whereas it takes almost 90 days to grow the nut for it to be boiled.  (more…)

How Entrepreneurs Can Eat Healthy While Maintaining a Hectic Schedule

Eating healthy is the key to living a healthier life and kick-starting a weight loss routine, but even though most people know this, they still make poor food choices. Why? Well, it’s mostly due to convenience and pure laziness.

The truth is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little preparation and planning you can make better food choices, which will result in a much healthier diet. This plays a role in weight loss and energy levels. Follow the tips below if you are serious about making a change and committed to eating healthier, regardless of how busy you are.

Pay attention to your snack purchases.

“Focus on your snack purchases. It is much easier to say no to an unhealthy snack while shopping than while you are hungry, stressed, and working. This method also helps avoid “I better eat this unhealthy thing before it goes bad.” — Matthew Kolb of All High Schools

Stay away from fast food.

“Avoid fast food as much as possible. While it is quick and convenient, it’s also the worst food you can put into your body. The amount of additives and preservatives is so high and unhealthy. Compare the calories in a fast food meal against a home cooked meal and you will be shocked.” — Jim Epton of Dom Huga Ltd

Use the MyFitnessPal app.

“Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track all of your calories and macros throughout the day. This is the best way to help you keep track of what you are putting in your body and to prevent over eating. It’s a free app and syncs with a lot of other programs.” – Robert Cox, Founder & CEO of Sundog Structures

Smaller more frequent meals.

“Try to eat smaller meals more frequently. This is good for two main reasons. First, it keeps you energized throughout the entire day and second, you avoid feeling sluggish or tired after a huge meal. Packing small convenient meals also allow you to eat on the go and when in a rush.” — Andrew Tran, Founder of Therapy

Stay hydrated.

“Drink tons of water and have legit protein bars available when you need a boost. Make sure the bars are not stuffed with tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners that will counter the good in them. Unfortunately many of the protein bars on the market are not good for you, so read the label.” — Ben Walker, Founder of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Create a long-term plan.

“Planning and preparing ahead makes things easier, such as creating a 2-4 week meal plan, then cooking all the meals in 1-2 days. You can also have smoothies, and ensure you schedule lunch meetings at restaurants that provide healthy options like salads or fish. Protein and snack bars are great, too.“ — Sean Christman, Founder of Slamdot

Avoid simple carbs.

“Avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates during the day. If you eat too much, you’ll get that tired groggy feeling within an hour or so and you’ll need to fight to stay at the same level of productivity. Take the time to plan out some meals and snacks to avoid eating something you’ll regret.” — Joseph W. Belluck of Belluck & Fox, LLP

Meal prep.

“Meal prep. I’m sure this is what most would say but it really does pay off.  Having that meal ready to go during the week when it matters is something that you won’t regret. Only takes a couple hours total for the week.” — Marc Webb, Founder of Real PDL Help

Stay away from processed foods.

“Avoid processed foods as much as possible. That means no fast food and no vending machine snacks. Instead of getting a bag of candy, have a handful of nuts or trail mix. You don’t have to just eat boring salads, but you need to make an effort to cut out junk and processed food.” — Tom Munroe, CEO of RugStudio

Get your meals planned in advance.

“You have to meal prep if you are serious. As an entrepreneur time is scarce and things constantly come up. If you attempt to eat healthy without your meals planned and cooked in advance it becomes very difficult. The only way to ensure you eat healthy daily is to prep everything in advance.” — Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics

Stick to your plan.

“Develop a plan and stick to it. Most unhealthy habits are a result of varying from a plan. Sticking to specific schedules, finding alternative healthy eating options while travelling, etc. require some planning and practice.” — Shawn Schulze of

Make time.

“Always make time to take time. Have breakfast, don’t spend the first 5 hours of your day living off coffee. Schedule lunch and take it. Remove yourself from the computer get a change of scenery. Be mindful of where you are eating and what, plan ahead.” — Shawn Freeman, Founder and CEO of TWT Group

Remove sugar.

“Cut sugar. Something as simple as reducing sugar or removing it entirely from your diet can make such a huge impact. Instead of reaching for a candy car, grab an apple. It’s just as convenient, but the lack of sugar is going to result in noticeable weight loss over time.” — Ari Evans of AAA Handbags


Fad or Trend? Reasons That Soy Beans Might Be Around A While

Heath and diet fads come around about as often as a day ends in “-y” sometimes.

There are diets and health regimens in such numbers that it boggles the mind. There are plans that incorporate various types of foods (and excludes others), while there are others that focus more on exercise. Then of course, there are those that incorporate both because of the belief that exercise and certain foods will lead to better weight control, more energy, and other benefits.

Then there is “moderation in all forms.”

Among all of the diet and weight-loss fads, there are occasionally some trends that merge and become part of the new Western society. Vegetarianism and veganism have sprouted (pun intended) to the forefront, as have regimens like yoga and CrossFit. One of the recent Western “discoveries” in healthy food lately has been soybeans.

Soybeans were not necessarily part of Western culinary, though Virginia and several other American states grow and produce them. They have become prevalent in the last three decades, and that staying power seems to suggest that soybeans may not be just another “superfood” fad, but it may well be a trend that sticks around for a while. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Better metabolism. Whether you are on a vegetarian diet or not, soybeans are valuable for the protein they offer. These proteins help restore and repair cells in the body, and when your body metabolizes more reliably because of enough protein, you feel and are healthier.
  • Weight control. Soybeans can be good in any eating regimen. They are versatile in that they can suppress appetite to prevent overeating and unhealthy weight gain, amd they can also be eaten in large quantities to help provide healthy weight gain if you are a bit underweight. These seemingly contradictory qualities can help you maintain a healthy weight and be an ally in your maintenance plan once you have lost or gained the weight you needed.
  • Helps the heart. Soybeans have low cholesterol and can prevent cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels, which helps the heart run more efficiently and improves circulation through the body.
  • Boning up the bones. Soybeans have high levels of calcium and other vitamins and minerals which promote good bone health, and can contribute to growth of new bones and/or healing of injured bones. Eating soybeans, by extension, can prevent common aging ailments like osteoporosis, or brittle bones.
  • Cancer/diabetes. What may make soybeans a “superfood” in some circles is that they can prevent cancer and/or the onset of diabetes. First, most cancers develop from free radicals which are released through metabolism – soybeans have what is needed to harness these free radicals before they infect healthy cells. And with diabetes, soybeans can grow the number of insulin receptors in the body, which can mitigate diabetes or prevent it altogether.

The latter point is perhaps the most compelling argument for including soybeans in your regular food-consumption routine as early in life in possible. With so many possible benefits of eating soybeans, it’s no wonder it has become a food trend – and it makes us wonder what took us so long to adopt them.

NEW Health and Beauty Trends to Follow

The days of waiting six months, for the next season to descend upon us, for the new trends to arrive is long gone.

Health and Beauty trends now move at a fast pace, even more so now with the creation and evolution of social media, fast-fashion and the constant want for what is new and fresh.

With the ever increasing fast pace of life, there is the counter-reaction of thinking, “What can we do to ensure our mind, body, and soul thrive plus be enriched?”

Well, the top 18 trends of 2018 are here! And they have proven to be spot-on. At the top of our list is Moringa. Native to India, Moringa is a plant which its leaves, fruit, and seeds are edible. Moringa is a trendy vegetable in Asian cuisine Moringa is the 2018 improved version of Turmeric, by being labeled as an even more powerful anti-inflammatory.

Moringa has two times the amount of protein as Spinach. Mark’s Fitness Blog has the reason for the importance of protein for your muscles as well, and three times as much iron filled with calcium, potassium, and vitamin A.

Another health and beauty trend to follow that is growing at a rapid pace is clean color cosmetics. As women move to more natural living and healthier lifestyles, they are seeking non-toxic makeup. However, in the past, non-toxic makeup was known for very little pigmentation. With new brands becoming more creative with their development, women are able to switch to non-toxic makeup while keeping their bold color choices and full coverage options. Therefore, we will continue to see a surge in beauty companies that offer natural or organic ingredients and they are anticipating the companies to have long-lasting staying power.

We are hoping this next trend goes from being considered a trend to a permanent and complete lifestyle change, what we all love to call Self-Care. By definition self-care is an extremely simple concept; care for oneself.

Easy, right? Caring for oneself should be effortlessly done without a question; yet, the thought of self-care used to sound selfish or a luxury that only wealthy women could afford to do. Now healthcare experts are pushing to educate women that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity.

How can one be an engaged mother, a productive career girl or a caring partner if we do not take the time for ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate in this challenging world? Self-care can be as simple as taking a bath every Sunday night, going to bed every night at 9 p.m. or eating a balanced breakfast every morning. All-in-all, the whole point of self-care is to keep your mind and body energized.

In a society that thrives off the next and new exciting trend, it is important to remind oneself of not taking these trends too seriously. Whether it is the latest health trend like the benefits of Moringa or the latest beauty trend that we see with clean color cosmetics, what is important is that we exercise self-care and implement the trends that can be for the long-term, beneficial improvement of our lifestyles.


Nicaraguan Cuisine

Although many people believe that residents in Miami are mostly Cuban, there is actually a huge Nicaraguan population. Nicaragua, located in Central America, has their culinary roots from pre-Columbian times but as settlers came over their cuisine is now a mesh between two different cultures. Like other Latin American countries, the main ingredient that is heavily featured and used in a variety of ways is none other than corn.


Don’t Taste A State, Taste A Commonwealth

There are regions of the United States, and even some states, that have their own dialects in language, and their own tastes in food.  Oh sure, you can take a summer vacation and experience all the unique sights in a state or city, but sometimes you don’t really experience a part of the country until you taste some of the food. (more…)

How A Life Coach Can Help You Lose Weight

Going out with your friends to eat delicious foods can be a great way to celebrate and enjoy life. But there does come a day when one must be honest with themselves and ask the tough question: “Am I eating to live or living to eat?”


Rehabilitation Center in Glenwood Springs Helps Mothers

Momenta is a rehabilitation treatment facility that recently opened in Glenwood Springs, CO, offering mental health and substance abuse service to inpatients and outpatients.

Momenta was founded by Mandy Owensby, who has been in recovery nearly six years. As a mother, Owensby wanted to create a program that specifically helped both women and mothers after her own difficulties finding programs that would accept her with her children. (more…)

Tips for Opening a Restaurant

If opening a restaurant is a dream of yours, then you know that keeping a restaurant thriving isn’t easy. 60% of new restaurants close or change ownership in their first year. Unless your goal is to sell, then neither of those options sounds good to you. If you want to keep your restaurant open and thriving, there are a few tips you should follow on your journey towards success. (more…)

Types of Apples Grown in New York

Here in the U.S., we take our apples pretty seriously. We eat them for snacks, pack them in lunches, cook them in dozens of different ways and bake them into everyone’s favorite dessert; the apple pie.  Growing up, we were always hearing things described as being “as American as apple pie”. This is an interesting analogy considering the fact that of the world’s 7,500 varieties of apples, only one is native to this country, and it is definitely not one that immediately springs to mind when baking a pie. Of the 2,500 currently grown in the U.S., do you know which apple variety is the only one that has an American origin? Keep reading and we will let you know if your guess is correct.

Even though the apples that we know and love were actually brought here by the Pilgrims as seed, we have had a love affair with them ever since. Thanks to frontiersman John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, apple trees sprung up all over the country. Nowhere, however, have they flourished in more variety and abundance than the apples of New York State.  

The Empire State may come in second to Washington as the top apple-producing state, but New York’s 10 million apple trees produce more varieties than any other state.  Apple trees will grow in all temperate climate zones, but they do the best in regions where there is a cold winter and moderate summer. This is one of the reasons that New York apples are not only popular locally but are widely exported.

10 Most Popular New York State Apple Varieties

  • McIntosh – the Mac, considered an eating and cooking apple, has tender pinkish-white flesh and is sweet and tarty
  • Empire – known for their crispness and combination of sweet and tart taste
  • Red Delicious – long a favorite, its distinctive yellow flesh is crisp, sweet and juicy
  • Cortland – a somewhat larger relative of the McIntosh, the Cortland is good for eating and very popular in salads and for turning into applesauce
  • Golden Delicious – crisp, with white flesh and said to have a honey-like taste, the Golden Delicious is not related to the Red Delicious but was used in the development of other well-known varieties, such as the Gala, Crispin, Ambrosia, Pink Lady, and Jonagold
  • Rome – bright red and crunchy, a go-to choice for cooking due to it not becoming mushy
  • Idared – sweet, tart and juicy, this cross between the Jonathan and Wagener varieties is good to eat but best for cooking and baking
  • Crispin – developed in Japan and originally named Mutsu, the Crispin is an all-around favorite for eating and cooking
  • Paula Red – the apple of choice for many due to its signature tartness
  • Gala – recognizable by its pinkish-orange stripes, this mildly-sweet cross of Cox’s Orange Pippin and the Golden Delicious is a top pick for eating

This list represents the top sellers but there are many other popular types. With so many varieties available, grocery stores can only stock those most in demand, so many favorites are available only from farmers’ markets, road side stands and growers.

Back to our question about the one variety of apple native to America. If you said “crab apple”, you are correct. Although some people do like to eat them, and they are used in jellies, preserves and cider, this small apple with the unfortunate name is not likely to ever show up on a list of favorites.