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Miami Is A Cultural Tossed Salad

If you think of America as a melting pot, then Miami is a tossed salad.

The term “American culture” is hard to define, and that’s because the culture was built by so many different peoples from all over the world. While we generally have English and Hollywood and baseball as common cultural bonds, America’s culture is really more defined by the individual trying to define it. You can go almost anywhere in America and find Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Asian restaurants, and good old-fashioned American hamburger joints. (more…)

Don’t Taste A State, Taste A Commonwealth

There are regions of the United States, and even some states, that have their own dialects in language, and their own tastes in food.  Oh sure, you can take a summer vacation and experience all the unique sights in a state or city, but sometimes you don’t really experience a part of the country until you taste some of the food. (more…)

How A Life Coach Can Help You Lose Weight

Going out with your friends to eat delicious foods can be a great way to celebrate and enjoy life. But there does come a day when one must be honest with themselves and ask the tough question: “Am I eating to live or living to eat?”


22 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Challenging Yourself On A Daily Basis

Here are 22 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Challenging Yourself On A Daily Basis (more…)

Finding the Right Diet For You

If you live in America, you’ve seen it: The note on nutrition labels that states “Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.” But what does it mean? It means that the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, needed some way to express average calorie consumption, and it decided going low was better than going high. The FDA was going to list 2,350 calories as “average,” but rounded down for a few reasons. America’s not the only country that settled on that number, as Australians are used to seeing a benchmark of 8,7000 kilojoules, which equals 2,000 calories. In reality, though, 2,000 calories is not a magic number. We have to take into account factors like our age, height, weight, and the amount of exercise we get. Only then can we come up with a diet plan that makes sense.


8 Health Tricks You Should Try

We all care about our health. We should, too. When we enjoy good health, we sleep better, perform better at work, and have more energy. We can climb mountains and explore, instead of staying home with the sniffles. We all want to champion our health and take diligent care of it. The question is, how? (more…)

Rehabilitation Center in Glenwood Springs Helps Mothers

Momenta is a rehabilitation treatment facility that recently opened in Glenwood Springs, CO, offering mental health and substance abuse service to inpatients and outpatients.

Momenta was founded by Mandy Owensby, who has been in recovery nearly six years. As a mother, Owensby wanted to create a program that specifically helped both women and mothers after her own difficulties finding programs that would accept her with her children. (more…)

Is There Such A Thing As A Healthy Condiment?

Is there anything worse than bland, tasteless food? Being served the same food over and over can, unquestionably, be dull and boring, but food that has little to no taste, to begin with, is infinitely worse. If our food isn’t going to taste good and be something we anticipate with pleasure, we may as well adopt some futuristic writer’s view of a world where food comes out of a computerized system that reduces all of our nutritional requirements into a pill. (more…)

Classic State Fair Foods

Every year, something magical happens during the summer and early fall all across the country. One day there’s this large expanse of land with a few empty structures scattered around and the next a fairy-tale like place of lights, sounds and smells seems to have sprung out of thin air.

It’s State Fair time! And, with each state’s version of this American tradition comes what we have come to know as fair food. It may not be the kind of culinary creations we usually find on the plethora of cooking shows that flood our cable lineup, and no one will ever label it as “healthy”, but, oh how we love and look forward to it! (more…)

Visiting The NYC Chili Cook Off

Winters are long in New York, and they can be brutal. Months of frigid temperatures and lack of sunshine can take its toll. Nowhere do they pay more attention in early February when Punxsutawney Phil or New York’s own Staten Island Chuck are dragged from their cozy dens to predict the possibility of an early spring than they do in New York. But, whether shadows are seen or not, whether spring comes with a roar or a whimper, there is one thing that happens around mid-April every year that never fails to add a little heat to the hearts and taste buds of New Yorkers; the NYC Chili Cook Off! (more…)